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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of mobile phone plans to help you compare them.

With so many mobile phone plans out there, it can seem difficult to find the best one for you. Everyone’s budget and needs for their plan will vary, so there’s no one size fits all approach with what’s considered the best mobile phone plan. They’re constantly improving as providers offer bigger and better deals to get your business, so there’s no shortage of options for you on the market. Find out what to look for in a mobile phone plan and how to compare your options to get the best plan for your needs and budget.

How do I get the best mobile phone plan?

The best mobile phone plan is one that best fits your own needs and is within your budget. To find the best fit for you, you should do the following:

Determine which type of mobile phone plan you need.

SIM-only plan

If you have a mobile phone, you will need to consider a SIM-only plan. SIM-only plans come in prepaid or post-paid Each plan has different benefits and can vary significantly in cost. The best SIM-only plan could cost anywhere between $10-$85 per month but it will depend on the type of plan and provider chosen.

Type of SIM plan Explained...
Prepaid plans
Prepaid plans require upfront payments which ensures you won’t exceed your plan’s limits and incur excess charges. Instead, you will need to recharge your plan once its features are used or when your expiry period is over.
Post-paid plans
Post-paid plans are paid for at the end of every month. They provide better features and higher usage limits. They are also more likely to be eligible for promotions or discounts from providers. All SIM and phone plans will come on a post-paid plan and you will pay for both handset and sim card after each month of your contract.
Pay-as-you-go plans
A rarely used alternative as a SIM-only option is a pay-as-you-go plan. Pay-as-you-go plans involve the upfront purchase of credit towards your plan. Any calls, texts, or data used will be charged at a specific rate to your plan’s credit - these rates will vary between providers. Once your credit is used up, you will need to recharge to continue using your SIM card’s services.

SIM and phone plans

If you’re looking for a new phone but can’t afford one outright, you’ll need to look at getting a phone and SIM card plan. SIM and phone plans break payments down into more manageable instalments for you, as phones can be very expensive – particularly if you’re looking at a more premium option like Apple. These are more 

Figure out a budget to dictate how much you can spend on a mobile phone plan.

Mobile phone plans can vary widely in price and scope, which can have a significant impact on what you’ll be paying each month or year for your phone service. This is especially impacted by whether you go for a SIM-only or mobile and SIM plan, the latter of which is substantially more expensive. Make sure you work out a budget based on your financial situation and only consider mobile phone plans within this budget. However, it’s important to not buy a plan solely based on cost; you don’t want to short-change yourself when it comes to data or other usage.

Compare different mobile phone plans

Compare your mobile phone plan options across an array of providers. Each provider has plans at different costs and with varying features, so you should consider the aspects that are most important to you and look at plans with these included. In addition, try to compare plans with usage limits that are relevant to your situation.

Once you have chosen your mobile phone plan, continue to shop around

If you’re on a prepaid plan or a no-contract post-paid plan, it’s smart to continue looking around as better deals will come to the market. As competitors continue to fight for business, deals which meet your needs will become available at cheaper prices. This will give you a chance to get the best mobile phone plan for you at a more affordable price.

How do I compare the best mobile phone plans?

Type of mobile phone plan

The type of mobile phone plans you should compare will depend on your needs. If you have a mobile phone and just want an accompanying SIM-only plan, you will have to compare prepaid and post-paid plans. If you’re looking for a new phone on a plan, you’ll need to compare phone and SIM plans which are bundled together.

Plan costs

The cost of your mobile phone plan will be a big factor in determining if it’s the best one for you. Break down your budget and compare the costs of your chosen type of mobile phone plan within your budget. Make sure you find great value through a good balance between cost and your plan’s features.

Data limits

Everyone has different data needs. Some people may not need any data, while others may seek a plan with unlimited data to meet their data usage needs. Figure out your expected data usage and compare plans within this range. Consider choosing a buffer of 5-10GB if your data usage fluctuates to ensure you don’t incur excess charges if you’re on a post-paid plan.


  • Coverage is a big factor in determining which is the best mobile phone plan for you. When comparing your options, consider the coverage offered by Australia’s three networks in Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The Telstra network is the best option for coverage if you live rurally or regularly travel to rural areas. Other budget providers also use these networks, but they use leftover network capacity which can be less reliable.
  • In addition, you may want to consider getting 5G coverage if you’re looking for the fastest network or internet speeds possible. This network is becoming more widely-used and is readily available with mobile service providers. If you already own a 5G-capable phone without a 5G plan, you will need to find a capable SIM card to match.

International roaming

International roaming is a feature usually found under post-paid plans which are available as SIM-only or part of a phone plan. If you don’t require international roaming, it’s best you compare plans with this feature excluded, as it can run up the cost of your plan. If you do know you’ll make use of international roaming, you should compare options that provide a solid international roaming allowance, so you don’t have to buy add-ons or an additional SIM card purely for travel purposes.

What features should I consider for the best mobile phone plan?

Best mobile phone plan feature Feature explained…
Unlimited calls and texts
Most mobile phone plans will provide you with unlimited calls and texts unless you opt for a pay-as-you-go prepaid plan. This is a feature you can usually find in the cheapest of mobile plans so this should be a minimum expectation to ensure you get the best mobile phone plan.
Suitable data limit
You should figure out your expected data usage based on recent months and changes in the future which could affect it. Apply this expected data usage figure when choosing your plan’s data limits and the best mobile phone plan for you. The right data limit should support your data usage needs and not leave too much left over.
International roaming
International roaming is a feature usually found in post-paid plans. If you’re going to make the most of it, international roaming can add great value to your plan. However, if you’re not travelling overseas or making calls and texts to overseas numbers, steer clear of plans with international roaming, as you’ll be paying for a cost you won’t need.
Data rollover
Data rollover is a feature most commonly found in prepaid SIM-only plans. It will enable you to have any unused data roll over to your next month’s data limits and could make the difference in getting you the best mobile phone plan. If your prepaid plan does have a data rollover feature, you must recharge prior to your plan’s expiry for the unused data to rollover to the next expiry period.
Data-free music and video streaming
Data-free music and video streaming can significantly reduce the cost of your mobile phone plan. With popular music-streaming services such as Spotify and video-streaming services like Netflix consuming more data than ever before, data-free streaming has never been as valuable. It will reduce your data usage and enable you to get the best mobile phone plan for you at a cheaper price.

Explained: the benefits of the best mobile phone plans

Frequently asked questions about the best mobile phone plans

Which provider offers the best mobile phone plans?

The best provider for you depends on factors like your individual needs and budget. For some people, the best provider will offer the cheapest plans with only the most basic features. Others may look to larger providers to get a plan with high data, consistent coverage and extra features which add value to your plan.

What’s the best SIM-only mobile phone plan?

The best SIM-only plan will also depend on your situation and mobile phone usage. Prepaid plans are the most affordable SIM-only option and require an upfront payment before your expiry period begins. They better suit irregular phone users who don’t need as many features or high usage limits. Post-paid plans will usually offer better features and greater usage limits. If you’re a regular phone or high-data user, a post-paid option may be the better option for you.

Can I switch to the best mobile phone plan for free while still on my current plan?

If you’re switching between plans offered by your current provider, there’s a chance you can do so at no cost as long the plan is of similar or lesser value. However, if you’re switching providers you may have to pay out your contract or pay a cancellation fee. The fees involved and the process to switch plans will vary so contact your relevant provider to find out.

If I use less than my mobile plan’s included data, what will happen to the remaining limits?

Your plan’s remaining data will usually expire at the end of your coverage period. However, if your plan consists of a data rollover feature, it’s possible to roll over any unused data from the previous month to contribute towards next month’s data limit.

Does the best mobile phone plan have to include all possible features?

No. There’s no point paying for a mobile phone plan with features that aren’t relevant to your needs. Instead, you should consider what features matter to you, and find plans which provide those features. This will help prevent you paying more than necessary for your mobile phone plan.

Do the best mobile phone plans really have unlimited data?

The best mobile phone plans won’t necessarily have unlimited data as it’s a feature which might not matter to you at all and will cost you dearly. If unlimited data is a priority to you, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone all offer unlimited data mobile plans to ensure you can get the best mobile phone which caters to your needs.


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