How to choose the right vehicle for your business

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:39 am by Bill Tsouvalas

If your business needs a car to literally keep the wheels from falling off, then driving the right car that is suited for your business is the first start. You would need something that is financially friendly and to match your chattel mortgage loan that will keep things running smoothly. Cars come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you select a car that suits the way your business operates? Here are six ways to shop for a car that is right for your business.

Choose a car that has more bang for your buck

A Car is another asset of the company, and you should always keep in mind its present and future use. Buying a car is a serious step, and if not calculated properly, it can become a serious cost. Statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that 18.9% of vehicles on our roads are used for business purposes. When running down the financial numbers of affording a car you should add up the cost of fuel and insurance. You should go as far as considering the car’s resale value when it comes to upgrading.

Do the features meet the criteria

It is no good buying a car that has all the bells and whistles you are never going to use. Depending on what type of business you are running, you would want to look at; boot space, foldable seats for space, if it has savvy technological holders for things like a tablet or a phone and its fuel tank. The average passenger vehicle consumes 10.7 litres of fuel per 100km. If your business will make constant use of the vehicle, then you will have to consider its fuel economy.

Safety technology features that will lower your insurance

Insurance is all about measuring the level of risk you are. When shopping for a car honing in on the car safety technology features can be one way to keep your drivers safe, and lower your car insurance premiums. Cars that have safety technology installed such as Automatic Break Stabilizer, Blind spot monitoring and rear cameras can reduce the chances of your vehicle being involved in a crash. You can even go as far as having your car programmed with technology that disables the car at high speed driving to prevent any crashes.

Choose a car that keeps you connected

If your business is constantly on the go, and you need to touch base constantly, then choose a car that keeps you connected. Technological advancements in vehicles have increased to the point where you can hold a meeting in a car. Hands free! Technologies to look for are Bluetooth connectors, car apps that you can download on your phone, and wifi hotspot generating cars.

When things go bust

When choosing a company car, the best car will be something that won’t cost you your vital organs in repairs. On overage it costs Australians (INSERT DATA) to repair their cars. Every bump, scratch and dreadful rattle can cost the company finances it cannot afford to lose. This is where safety technologies can play a role in reducing the car, but the overall maintenance of it will be something that you have to factor in.

Aligning your finances to meet your wheel needs

When it comes to putting the dollars behind your wheels you will need a chattel mortgage loan that will suit your business needs. A chattel mortgage is suitable if you are going to be using your car for more than 50% of business use. Comparing loans will help you find a loan that has the best competitive interest rate to bring your business one step from owning a vehicle. You can also speak to a financial advisor who will help you direct you towards a loan that won’t swallow your finances whole.

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