Porsche Finance Options

If you’re looking for finance to buy a Porsche, Savvy can help, providing great low interest loan options and expert advice.

No obligation. It won't affect your credit score.
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Low rate Porsche finance options

Looking to get a state-of-the-art Porsche Taycan? Or perhaps a well maintained 911 with low milage? Hoping to find the best finance options to get you on the road and cruising? Talk to Savvy.

Our team of consultants are experts in automotive finance, and can provide you with a range of great loan choices specifically for your circumstances and means. And with access to a wide range of Australian lenders, we can make sure you get great rates and excellent terms. Talk to us today to get a free, no obligation quote on Porsche finance, and you'll be on the road before you know it!

Car Loans for Porsche

Features of getting Porsche finance with Savvy

Set payments for better budgeting

A car loan from Savvy comes with a fixed interest rate keeping your repayments consistent, and making finances easier to manage.

Low interest rates

Our car loan is secured against the car itself – meaning better rates for you. Savvy's lenders can offer competitive rates tailored to your profile.

Cover the cost

With a car loan sourced through Savvy, you can borrow up to the price of the car. We have access to lenders that are prepared to lend larger amounts to fulfil the usually larger price of a Porshe.

You choose the schedule

When working through Savvy, you have maximum choice when it comes to loan terms. You could choose 1 year to pay minimum interest, or up to 7 to keep repayments low.

No early termination fee

We have access to lenders who allow early repayments without any penalty or fees. So you can choose to pay extra when you have funds spare, and save long term.

New or used

There are no restrictions on the age of the car. So whether you buy from a private seller or straight from the factory, we've got you covered.

What makes us the cream of the crop for Porsche finance

Steps for arranging finance for a Porsche with Savvy

Frequently asked questions about Porsche finance

Can I cover optional extras like alloy wheels with Porsche finance?

Yes, you loan can include optional extras on the vehicle, provided you included those costs in your application. These are simply considered part of the cost of the vehicle.

Couldn't I just get finance from Porsche's financial services?

It is possible to get finance through Porsche financial services, but – like any lender – they'll only offer one set of financial products. Also, vendor finance isn't always super competitive.

The advantage of contacting a broker like Savvy is having both a range of options to choose from, and an expert to help you find the best choice. 

Can I include the cost of insurance in my loan?

Yes, your loan can cover additional expenses such as stamp duty and insurance. And given you'll most likely want fully optioned comprehensive on a Porsche, this is something to consider seriously.

Are balloon payments something I should consider?

Balloon payments allow for a significant portion of the loan debt (20%-50%) to be retained until the end of the loan and then required as a lump sum. They're more common with business loans, but some luxury vehicles can have them under a consumer loan.

Balloon payments mean your regular repayments are lower (you’re only paying off part of the loan), but needing to pay off up to half the debt (with interest) as a single lump sum at the conclusion of the loan which can come from a cash, trade-in or you can refinance it.

Will having a good credit rating help my loan?

Yes. In finance, good credit makes most things easier. In addition to improving your borrowing power, an excellent credit rating will generally mean you get offered better interest rates on a car loan – meaning you pay less overall. So making sure you take care with your credit score can really pay off when it’s time to get a loan.