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Compare car finance options for Jeep

Jeep has built a reputation over the years as one of the leading off-road vehicles in the market, with models built to withstand the elements. Whether you’re seeking adventure with finance for a Jeep Wrangler Sport S or Overland or simply looking for a durable SUV like the Cherokee Limited or Trailhawk, Savvy is the best place to lock in a great deal.

When you’re looking to finance the purchase of any new car, it pays to look in the right places. We’re partnered with over 25 of the most reputable lenders across the country to deliver you the best chance of finding the perfect loan. With affordable interest rates and fees, flexible borrowing and repayments and fast approval time, you can get a

Car Loans for Jeep

Jeep finance features

Low interest rates

You can compare interest at basement levels across the board, with low rates and affordable fees available from our lending partners.

Up to 100% financing

What you can be approved for is only limited by your borrowing power. You can access finance up to your car’s full value (plus other on-road costs like rego and stamp duty).

Repay over one to seven years

You have a say in what your loan costs from month to month by selecting your loan term length anywhere between one and seven years.

48-hour approvals

The car loan application process is a rapid one. From your quick quote to settlement and transfer of car ownership to you is as short as 48 hours.

Buy for yourself or your business

Commercial products like chattel mortgages and car leases are great options if you’re wanting to use a Jeep for your business.

Pay it off as quickly as you like

We can pair you with lenders who enable you to make additional contributions free of charge and save money by completing your loan ahead of schedule.

Purchase your Jeep new or used

You’re not just limited to brand-new cars, either. Even if your chosen car has some kilometrage on the odometer, we can help you get approved.

Fixed rates

Budgeting is made simpler with fixed interest and repayments on car loans while also serving as protection against increases in rates during your term.

Why so many Australians turn to Savvy for their Jeep financing needs

Checklist before you apply to buy your Jeep

AMC and Jeep in Australia – the seventies, eighties, and beyond

The American Motors Corporation (AMC) purchased Jeep in 1970, and that's when Cherokees arrived here. For the workers, AMC converted an ex-military aircraft tug and sold it here in ute form as the CJ-10 in the early eighties. Known locally as the J10 or ‘One-tonner,' it sold until 1984 when Jeep ceased imports to Australia because of an unfavourable exchange rate. Grand Cherokees and Jeep Wranglers were widely bought here during the nineties and into the new millennium. The last two decades have seen many new Jeep models – such as the Gladiator and Compass – and the company still has a loyal following in Australia.

Jeep – The Long History of a Legend

While many car manufacturers stopped production during WWII and took on efforts to support military activities, Jeep found its stride. Vehicles built by the American off-road manufacturer were used widely by the US military during the war, much like Land Rovers were by the British. The late forties and the fifties saw much competition between Jeep and Land Rover in Australia – with the two manufacturers sharing the spoils of a market made for four-wheel-drive vehicles. While no Jeeps got made down under, many got assembled here, and operations were run out of Brisbane by Willys Motors Australia Pty. Ltd from 1958 onwards. The company assembled CJ-3B and CJ-6 models and supplied them to thousands of Australians before expanding to offer station wagons, trucks in various configurations, and CJ-5 model Jeeps from 1960.

Jeep recognised the potential of an Aussie market that craved utes, and CJ-6 models were later marketed here as ‘The Overlander' – fitted with the same sort of dropside tray body we know today. From 1965 on, the Jeep ‘Combat 6' was sold on these shores, equipped with a Ford Falcon engine. In 1967, Jeep introduced the Sportster, which got a nicer paint job than previous Jeeps and even came with chromed bumpers – much more like the models we see in dealers today.

How does Jeep finance work, and how do I qualify?

Jeep finance is easy to arrange via Savvy. Our team of highly experienced consultants will ask a few questions about your aims and circumstances, then they’ll go all out to find you the best offers from our extensive panel of lender partners. Applications are fast and simple. You can upload documentation online, fill out forms via our portal, and even sign agreements digitally. When your loan gets approved, the loan provider will forward funds directly to the vehicle seller, so there’s no legwork to do.

You’ll need to be eighteen or over and, if you’re a private borrower, have regular income which you can demonstrate using your payslips or bank statements and supply ID. Because both chattel mortgages and secured car loans use your vehicle as collateral, you’ll need to provide details and documentation for the car you intend to buy. Business users will be asked to provide a valid ABN, profit and loss accounts and potentially other supporting documents. Throughout the process, a Savvy consultant will be on hand to help with any specific lender requirements.

Got more Jeep Finance questions?

Can I choose how often I make repayments?

Yes – as part of your car loan arrangement, you can select the schedule on which you make your repayments: weekly, fortnightly and monthly payments are able to be made. You may end up saving money by making fortnightly repayments over monthly contributions, as they essentially equate to an extra month’s pay each year.

Why is the comparison rate important on my loan?

Your comparison rate is a figure that comprises both your interest rate and primary loan fees such as your establishment and ongoing monthly costs. They’re important as they give you a more realistic and accurate calculation on what you’ll be paying for your car loan. Interest rates are important to compare, but the lowest rates aren’t always going to have the lowest comparison rates.

Does the Jeep model that I choose affect my interest rate?

While the age, condition and cost of a car will have a major bearing on its interest rate, the model itself likely won’t. Although it might cost more to insure a Gladiator Night Eagle than a Cherokee Limited, the interest rate between two models of the same age and condition is likely to be very similar, if not the same.

What happens if I find a better loan offer during my repayment term?

You can refinance your car loan if you come across a more attractive loan offer that could potentially save you a significant amount of money. This is done by taking out another loan to repay your existing loan in full, after which point your repayment responsibilities are moved to the new loan.

There are other reasons why you might choose to refinance your car loan other than simply to jump onto a better deal. You might wish to do this because your credit score or employment situation has improved since you took out the loan. It’s important to note, though, that you may incur costs from your old loan as a result of breaking the agreement early, so you’ll need to weigh up whether it makes financial sense to refinance.

Should I make a deposit on my car loan?

A deposit could be a great way to both increase your approval chances and reduce the amount of interest you’ll pay on your loan. This is because they lower the lender’s risk of losing money through lending it to you and, in the process, cut down on the total amount that is to be repaid with interest. If you have the means to do so, a deposit can be very beneficial in the long run.

Can I buy a vintage Jeep under finance?

Yes – at Savvy, we’re partnered with lenders who specialise in financing classic cars. They can use vehicles as security that otherwise wouldn’t be accepted, such as imported, restored and muscle cars. Let us know about your preferred vintage car in your quick quote and your consultant will help you explore your options.