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If you're looking to get finance to buy a Honda, Savvy can help. Compare competitive car finance options for your Honda with us.

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Low rate Honda car finance options

Are you looking for finance to buy Honda? Perhaps you're on the lookout for a Honda Civic – either a brand new 2021 model right off the showroom floor, or a well-maintained older model without too many numbers on the odometer. Or perhaps you just know Honda to be a reliable brand, and you're not too worried about the model.

Either way, Savvy can help you secure the finance to make it happen. With more than a decade in the finance industry and thousands of satisfied customers behind us, our expert team are willing and able to help you find the best car loans for your situation, and get you on the road in the Honda of your choice.

Car Loans for Honda

Features of getting Honda finance with Savvy

Get the funds you want

You can borrow from as little as $5,000 with Savvy, or up to the full value of the car. There's no need to provide a deposit from your own funds.

No additional security required

A car loan through Savvy's range of lenders, get's you a secured loan. There is no extra collateral required – the loan is secured against the car itself which allows for the cheapest rates available.

A range of great choices

Because Savvy is a broker rather than a lender, we can provide you with the best choices from a range of over 25 top Aussie lenders, getting you a better deal!

Choose your own time frame

When you work with Savvy, it's in your hands how soon you want the loan paid off, from 1 to 7 years. So can choose cheaper repayments, or less overall cost.

Highly competitive interest rate

By applying for car finance through Savvy, you can compare a wide range of car loan offers available through our partnered lenders to help you determine which is the lowest rate available.

Customise your car loan

Savvy can connect you with lenders who offer no penalties for early payments – allowing you to settle the loan on your Honda sooner if your finances improve.

New or used

The age of the car isn't an issue for Savvy. We can provide finance for new or used cars up to 20 years old so long as they are roadworthy.

Fees for a modest budget

The fees for a loan from one of Savvy's range of lenders ranged from $5-$20 monthly fee, and $100-$600 – and in some cases these fees can be waived entirely.

Find out why Savvy is a great choice for Honda finance

How do I compare my options for Honda finance?

Common Honda finance questions answered

Can I finance Honda car for my business use?

Chattel mortgages are a specialist commercial car finance option, so they’re a great way to buy a Honda if you’re self-employed or run a company. Your car acts as collateral until the agreement is over, so interest rates are pretty low. A lot of the tax and GST benefit with a chattel mortgage happens at the start of the term – because you get to claim back a considerable chunk of GST almost immediately.

  • A tax deduction on interest is applicable to the business portion of use.
  • You claim all the GST back as soon as you file your next business activity statement – but monthly repayments are GST-free.
  • Because you own your Honda from the start of the term, you claim for depreciation.
Can I get pre-approval if I haven't chosen the car yet?

Yes. One of the most useful features of pre-approval is to be able to go car shopping with a firm idea of your budget – and knowing you're not dependant on finance from the dealer (which might not have the best rates). It's also a key difference between pre-approval and full approval – where the specific car you're buying is included in the loan as collateral.

Can I trade-in my existing vehicle?

A trade in effectively acts like a deposit – it means you're contributing the value of your old car towards the car purchase. That amount is then money that you don't need to borrow as part of your loan, and therefore never need to pay interest on – so you save money overall.

Could I just get a personal loan to get a car?

You could, but it may cost you more. Personal loans are unsecured, which means they don't require collateral, but they also have significantly higher interest rates than you get with a secured car loan.

If I buy a used Honda and the dealer offers an extended warranty, will the car loan cover that?

Yes. If you're getting a used car and you're looking for something a little more than a standard 3-month statutory warranty (which car dealers are legally required to offer up to a certain car mileage), your loan can be extended to cover an extended warranty. These are generally offered by a third-party company, and function as a type of “breakdown insurance”.

Do my repayments need to be on a monthly basis?

No. With a loan through one of Savvy's range of lenders you can choose to work to a different pay cycle, allowing you to make the car payments on your Honda on a weekly or fortnightly basis if that suits you better.

Can I choose my insurer?

Yes, you can. Although you are required to get full comprehensive insurance on a car you buy with finance, most lenders give you the flexibility to choose your own insurer.