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Access fleet discounts that could save you thousands of dollars on your next car purchase by buying your car through Savvy!

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Car broker representative shaking hands with a new car buyer

Did you know you can get a great discount on a car by buying through Savvy’s car broker service? We can drive down prices on new cars thanks to our fleet purchasing power and relationships with dealerships across the country, allowing you to buy your next car with confidence. Best of all, we can help you with getting a competitive rate on finance.

Savvy helps make the entire process easy and quick by offering a selection of cars that we negotiate and pay for on your behalf. We look for competitive loans from over 40 of Australia’s top lenders and reduce the time (and money) you spend. Buy your car the right way with a free, no-obligation quote today!

What are car brokers and what do they do?

A car broker acts as a middleman between you and car dealerships, helping you navigate the process of buying a new or used car. Their goal is to get you the best possible deal by leveraging their connections and expertise.

Here's how car brokers can assist you:

  • Find the right car: they can search their network of dealerships to find the car make and model you’re after (or the next best thing). Alternatively, if you aren’t sure which model to buy, they can present a range of potential options based on your preferences and budget.
  • Arrange for test drives: if they find a suitable car in your city or state, they can set up a test drive for you with the dealership.
  • Negotiate the price: car brokers have experience negotiating with dealerships and may be able to get you a lower price than you could on your own. At Savvy, we can arrange for fleet purchase prices on our customers' cars, helping you access a much better deal than you'd be able to manage on your own.
  • Throw in added extras: alongside their bargaining on price, brokers can work towards including a range of optional extras in your agreement, including extended warranties, window tinting and more.
  • Handle paperwork: they can help you with the paperwork involved in buying a car, such as the sales contract.
  • Have the car delivered to you: if the car you’re buying is located interstate or a fair way from home, your car broker can organise the delivery of the vehicle to you, in some cases to your door.

When you apply with Savvy, we can handle both the car broking and car financing for you. We’re partnered with a wide range of Australian lenders in addition to our in-house broker service, so we offer the complete package to those looking to buy their next car.

Can a car broker help me with a trade-in?

Yes – brokers can help you trade in your current car in the process of finding the best deal to purchase your new one. They can obtain and compare offers for your trade-in car from their dealership network, which will help inform your choice of dealer.

If you wish to trade in your car as part of your purchase, you can speak with one of Savvy’s friendly consultants, who’ll work with our broker team to find the best solution available for your situation.

How much does using a car broker cost?

Car brokers often charge a fee for their services, which can range from as little as $150 to $1,000 or more depending on the broker and the vehicle you purchase. In many cases, you won’t be required to pay this fee directly; instead, it may be included in the purchase price of the vehicle and passed on from the dealer to the broker once the sale is finalised.

Rather than charge you for their service, brokers will typically charge dealerships a commission for referring you to them. The dealer will then pass this onto the customer in the purchase agreement. You can speak with your Savvy representative if you’re unsure what fees will be charged by your dealership (if any).

What are the pros and cons using a car broker?


Save you time and hassle

By doing the heavy lifting for you, car brokers can save you time and hassle involved in car shopping so you can focus on other important things in life.

Access to cheaper deals

You may be able to get a better price for your new or used vehicle through a broker thanks to existing relationships or fleet buying. Fleet buying is how big companies save thousands on buying cars by buying in bulk.

Online services

Many car brokers, including Savvy, operate online, meaning you can contact us no matter where you live.

Delivery to your door

A car broker can find your ideal vehicle across the country and organise for it to be shipped straight to your home.


Not a free service

Although you won’t be charged a fee directly, you’ll likely still have to pay for a car broker’s services.

Less control in the car buying process

If you value being able to search for vehicles yourself and hunt down great deals, you may decide a broker isn’t the best option available to you.

The five-step car buying process

Common car broking questions

What is car broking?

Car broking is a service in which a buyer contacts a car broker to help secure a car on their behalf at a discount compared to buying off the lot. A car broker uses their links with many dealers and bulk purchasing power to find a car of the buyer’s choosing. The broker then negotiates the deal and arranges delivery of the car on the buyer’s behalf.

Do I have to negotiate with the dealer?

No. We tender out your order to a network of dealerships that all submit bids for your business. This bargaining process ensures you can select the lowest price from what’s on offer.

Do I have to arrange finance myself?

You can arrange your own finance by paying in cash or EFT; but as Savvy is one of Australia’s trusted car loan brokers, you can apply for finance alongside your car order to make the entire transaction seamless.

Can I get a novated lease through this arrangement?

Yes, we can find a car through a novated lease agreement between you, your employer, and a financier. Ask a consultant for more information.

I need a car for business, can I use this service?

Yes. You may be able to finance the car with a chattel mortgage, hire purchase, or operating lease instead of a consumer loan.

I want to buy a used car. Is this possible?

Yes – we can source quality used and certified used cars through our extensive dealer network. Simply notify your broker when filling out your order form.

Can I test drive the car before I buy?

Yes, though conditions may apply. It’s best to test drive a car you would like to own before submitting your vehicle order form.

Can I get a quote before I apply?

Yes, you can get a free, no-obligation quote before applying. Click below for more.

What types of car can I get?

You can choose any car you like – hatches, sedans, mid-size cars, coupes, SUVs, 4x4s, utes, and many others.

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