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, updated on September 13th, 2023       

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NAB is one of Australia’s big four banks offering a wide range of banking products. These range from home loans, to personal and car loans and a range of bank accounts with linked credit and debit cards.

Find out how NAB debit cards stand up against the cards offered by other banks here with Savvy. Compare card features so you can find a debit card that perfectly matches your spending requirements.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent NAB for their debit card products. All information correct as of October 2022.

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More about NAB debit cards

What bank accounts do NAB debit cards come with and what do they offer?

NAB offers two types of debit card with their Classic everyday bank account. These are:

NAB Visa debit card

This is NAB’s standard Visa card, which comes with the following features:

  • no monthly fees
  • no overdrawn fees
  • access to over 7,000 ATMs across Australia
  • access to Visa Entertainment, which includes offers to purchase during the pre-sale period for major concerts and events, priority seating, special offers and exclusive merchandise packages
  • fraud protection offered by the NAB Defence system, which works behind the scenes to identify any fraudulent activity on your card and notify you about any suspicious transactions
  • there is a 3% international transaction fee charged on overseas purchases
  • there's a $5 overseas ATM withdrawal fee

NAB Platinum Visa card

This is NAB’s premium debit card offering, which gives access to the following features and benefits

  • there's a $10 a month card fee
  • cash back offer – up to $10 cash back a month with purchases (calculated as 1% of contactless payments)
  • eligibility for Visa premium offers including special deals, discounts and privileges in hotels and restaurants
  • access to the 24/7 NAB concierge service, which is a travel and lifestyle service offering bookings for flights, concerts, sporting events and shows. In addition, the concierge service can help you book a rental car, get flowers delivered, and reserve hotels and restaurants plus many more services 24/7
  • four free types of travel insurance – international travel insurance, transit accident insurance, interstate flight inconvenience insurance and rental vehicle excess insurance
  • fraud protection offered by the NAB Defence system, which works behind the scenes to identify any fraudulent activity on your card and notify you about any suspicious transactions
  • there is also purchase protection insurance and extended warranty insurance offered with this platinum card

Other Visa options

Previously NAB did offer a Gold Visa debit card, however, this product is no longer available. The bank does offer a business Visa card and also a card which can be linked to a joint account for couples wishing to share their banking.

Digital payment options

The NAB Visa and Platinum Visa card is compatible with several virtual wallets including Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay for phones, and Fitbit Pay and Garmin pay for wearable devices.

Special offers

NAB have teamed up with money app Spriggy, offering the first year of a Spriggy account free of charge. This money app is aimed at helping children learn to be financially literate, by teaching them great money habits from an early age. The money app is phone based, and allows parents to pay their children pocket money, and the children to spend their money and monitor their spending.

The offer is available for one parent and up to four children. However, detailed conditions apply to this offer, which may involve additional fees, so read the terms and conditions carefully before deciding if this product offer is right for you and your children.

How do I get a NAB debit card?

To be eligible for a NAB Visa debit card you’ll have to open a linked NAB Classic bank account. This transaction account comes with no monthly account fees, no withdrawal fees and no transaction fees within Australia.

However, as mentioned above, there are international transaction fees which apply if you choose to use your linked Visa card to make payments overseas or withdraw money from an overseas ATM.

Applications can be made online through the NAB website, or by downloading the NAB mobile app. You can also visit a branch or call to get assistance with opening a bank account. You will not have to wait for your Visa card to arrive in the post, because NAB will issue a virtual debit card as soon as your account is set up so you can start spending right away.

What are the requirements for opening a NAB transaction account with a linked debit card?

These are the requirements for opening a NAB Classic Banking Account:

  • Age – you'll need to be at least 14 years of age to apply online. If you are aged under 14, you will need to go into a branch accompanied by a parent or guardian. The adult will need to be an authorised party to the account until you’ve reached age 14.
  • Residency – you'll need to be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • ID required – you'll need either your passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card to open a bank account. If you’re under the age of 18 years, you’ll need two forms of identification

The application process should take around five to seven minutes, as long as you have your identification documents handy.  Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders who may not have the necessary forms of identification are able to contact the bank’s indigenous customer service line for assistance with verifying your identity.

The pros and cons of NAB debit cards


No monthly fees for standard Visa

NAB offers a standard Visa card with no monthly fees and no transaction fees within Australia.

Great compatibility

NAB Visa cards work with all the most popular digital wallets including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Zero overdrawn fees

There’s no need to worry if your Visa card accidentally goes overdrawn as there’s no overdrawn fee charged.


Monthly fee for Platinum card

NAB’s Platinum debit card does come with a $10 a month fee, although there’s a 1% cash back offer on tap and go purchases up to a maximum of $10 a month which may offset this fee.

International transaction fees

On NAB’s standard Visa card, there’s an international transaction fee of 3% of the transaction amount per purchase for overseas use and $5 per withdrawal to access ATMs.

Minimum age 14

NAB’s minimum age to get a Visa card is 14, whilst other banks issue debit cards to younger kids and tweens.

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