7 secrets to increase your car’s fuel economy

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:26 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Did you know that you don’t have to spend loads of money on car fuel and that you can make it easier on your pocket by making a few changes? Lucky for you, you can save on gas and be a much more efficient driver with these few quick tips.

Travel Light

If you fill your car with ridiculous amounts of stuff, you will definitely increase fuel spending. By adding items that are unnecessary or that you use rarely, you add weight that you do not particularly need which will make an unnecessary increase in the fuel use. Remove items that you won’t need every time and make your car lighter. You will certainly not need your kid’s scooter on your way to work.

Don’t Use Your Car So Often

If the place you want to go to is just around the corner or not too far away, don’t just hop into your car to go there. Take a walk or go by bicycle. Not only will it be very good for your health, but it will also cut the fees on fuel, parking or registration and insurance.

Switch Off the Air Conditioner

You might have noticed that when you use the AC, the amount of petrol you use goes up. In times like these, it’s better to dress accordingly for the weather and make use of Mother Nature. Wind down your windows and let the air come in on a hot day, and keep and an extra pair of gloves or a jumper for cold days.

Fill Your Tank Halfway

We were saying that extra weight adds to an increase in fuel consumption. If you have a 90-litre tank that is full, you are obviously going to carry a lot of weight around, making you consume even more. To cut down on the costs, fill the tank twice as often with half the fuel capacity.

Become a Better Driver

Don’t just over-accelerate and over brake if you don’t want to waste your much-needed fuel. By driving more smoothly, you take the pressure off your consumption and save gas. Be gentle with the pedal and ensure that you’re always in the right gear.

Don’t Skip on the Maintenance

There may be times when you’ll consume more fuel than usual simply because your car hasn’t been checked for a long time. Poorly inflated tyres or oil problems can cause you to lose fuel, so make sure you do regular check-ups so that you’re aware of all the problems your car might have.

Look Out for Specials

While saving a few cents per litre might not seem to make much of a difference at the moment, in the long run, you will notice how it all adds up. Check for the frequent flyer or loyalty programmes and collect additional points that will help you save money. Whether you just bought the car or had it for a while, these quick tips will definitely help you save up if applied correctly. Read our handy guide on finding the cheapest petrol.

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