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Learn more about Southern Cross' travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today.

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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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Southern Cross is a relatively new player in the travel insurance market, having begun offering products just over a decade ago. Since 2009, the Sydney company has provided cover for more than 50,000 travellers and paid out more than $1.3 million in claims.

If you’re trying to sniff out the best travel insurance deal on the market, it’s important to compare with Savvy. We’ll help you see how Southern Cross’ travel insurance policies measure up against other insurers on the market, taking into account factors such as claim limits and inclusions.

If you’re wanting to learn more about Southern Cross’ travel insurance policies and see how they compare, grab a quote and compare with us today.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent Southern Cross for its insurance products.

More about Southern Cross travel insurance

What travel insurance policies does Southern Cross offer?

Southern Cross gives you the following options when you’re looking to purchase travel insurance:

  • International Comprehensive: this policy provides you with broad coverage ranging from unlimited medical and cancellation protection right through to the replacement or repair of your luggage and the excess on a rental car. This policy can also be tweaked to accommodate your whole family and afford you larger claim limits.
  • International Medical-Only: if you’re a backpacker or a student travelling on a budget, or simply don’t need some of the fringe benefits of travel insurance, you can purchase a medical-only policy. Southern Cross’ policy protects you with unlimited coverage on medical treatment and $1 million in expenses if a court finds you legally liable due to an incident.
  • Domestic: Southern Cross’ domestic policy covers you for changing your travel arrangements, losing your luggage, some cash while you’re in hospital and childcare and pet boarding costs if you’re delayed getting home.
International Comprehensive International Medical-Only Domestic
Overseas medical
Luggage/personal items
Personal liability
$1 million
$1 million
$2.5 million
Rental car excess
Travel documents
Travel interruptions

Once you’ve found a policy which you think is up your alley, it’s important to compare it with Savvy to others on the market. This will help you make a more informed decision on what policy is right for you, enabling you to choose the best domestic insurance or international insurance with more confidence, no matter if you’re taking a holiday to Georgia or New Zealand.

What optional extras are available through Southern Cross?

In most cases, travel insurance providers offer what’s called ‘add-ons’ which afford you extra coverage for riskier activities such as adventure activities or non-competitive sports. Southern Cross offers a few optional extras, including:

  1. Skiing and snowboarding cover: this extra coverage protects you against unforeseen circumstances that occur while you’re skiing or snowboarding on your international or domestic holiday. This coverage applies when you’re using your skis or snowboard.
  2. Moped and motorbike cover: if you’re a driver or a passenger on a moped or a motorcycle, including rideshare or taxi, you aren’t covered under the standard policies. Southern Cross offers optional coverage which covers the cost of any unforeseen accidents while riding a motorcycle under 200cc.

Additionally, if you’re purchasing a medical-only policy, you’ll have to pay a higher premium to get coverage for certain benefits such as loss or theft of luggage, cancellation or cover for the excess on a rental car.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through Southern Cross?

Taking a holiday to another part of the world, whether it’s exploring New Zealand or Noosa, is a magical experience. While the unexpected can occur, even the most comprehensive travel insurance policy won’t cover absolutely everything. As such, Southern Cross has a range of exclusions on their coverage, including:

  1. Biological or chemical weapon attacks
  2. Government-endorsed border closures or lockdowns
  3. Hitchhiking
  4. Knowingly travelling into a natural disaster, such as a cyclone or earthquake
  5. Any type of war or violence, such as invasions or insurrections
  6. Working while on your travels, whether voluntary or paid
  7. Unapproved medical conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases
  8. Any type of illegal activity
  9. Being subject to scams or fraud
  10. Using or providing prostitution services

Before you settle on a policy, it’s best to go through Southern Cross’ Product Disclosure Statement to ensure you’re choosing travel insurance that covers you adequately. There’s no point buying a policy if it doesn’t offer you the cover you need.

What we think of Southern Cross travel insurance

What we like

High maximum age limits

Unlike some of its competitors that place limits as low as 65 on their policies, Southern Cross’ travel insurance products are open to covering anyone under the age of 118.

Generous luggage claim limits

Southern Cross allows you to claim up to $25,000 if you lose your luggage or have it stolen, considerably more than some of its rival providers who usually offer around $15,000 on comprehensive policies.

Childcare and pet coverage

If your return home is delayed for a variety of reasons, Southern Cross travel insurance covers the cost of any childcare or pet boarding costs, up to an agreed limit, until you can return home..

What we don't like

No domestic cruise coverage

If you’re sailing through Australian waters and need coverage, you may have to look at other providers as Southern Cross doesn’t offer cover for domestic cruises.

Limited personal liability coverage

Most travel insurance companies offer up to $5 million coverage if a court finds you personally liable for damage or injury to another person or their property. However, Southern Cross only offers up to half that sum and just $1 million on their overseas coverage options.

Modest cover for pregnancies

If you’re pregnant, Southern Cross only covers you for medical issues up to the 24th week of gestation, while many other providers will cover you up to the 26th week or further.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Frequently asked questions about Southern Cross travel insurance

Does Southern Cross provide coverage for COVID-19-related costs?

Yes – Southern Cross offers cover for COVID-19 expenses such as overseas medical and hospital costs, cancellation fees and lost deposits, additional expenses and travel delays. However, they only offer these benefits on their comprehensive travel insurance policy.

How do I make a claim through Southern Cross?

Making a travel insurance claim online with Southern Cross is relatively straightforward and follows these steps:

  • Enter your policy number and personal details
  • Submit copies of receipts, your travel itinerary, medical or police reports and copies of your bank statements to back up your claim.

Once these details are provided, Southern Cross will email you to confirm your claim has been received and give you an estimated processing time. If your claim is approved, they will email you to confirm your refund has been processed.

Who can purchase a policy with Southern Cross?

To purchase a travel insurance policy through Southern Cross, you must be an Australian resident over 18 years old. If you're a visitor or temporary resident, you must also:

  • Purchase your policy before your trip starts
  • Hold a current Australian visa and a return ticket
  • Have an Australian residential and mailing address
How much will my travel insurance cost?

Many factors affect how much you'll spend on travel insurance, including:

  • Your age
  • How long you’re planning to travel
  • The destinations you’re visiting
  • Whether you suffer from any pre-existing conditions
  • If you need any optional extras, such as cruise or adventure sports cover
  • The travel insurance company you choose and the level of coverage you’re prepared to pay for

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