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Rounding up your family on a trip can be a great way to explore the country or the globe with the people you love the most. It’s important, therefore, to be able to leave home without any lingering concerns over finding yourself caught short if something goes wrong, which is where a family travel insurance policy can come in handy.

You can compare a range of insurance options right here with Savvy. We’re partnered with some of the most well-respected insurers across the country to give you great quality of choice when considering the options available to you. Start the process of finding your family travel insurance deal here today with Savvy.

How does family travel insurance work and what does it cover?

Family travel insurance is an alternative to the standard single person travel insurance which allows you to include multiple people under one policy. This means you can have yourself, your spouse or de facto partner and your children under a single agreement, rather than taking out individual policies for each member of your family. Crucially, if your children are under the age of 21 and aren’t working full-time, they can be included as dependents under your policy free of charge (up to a typical maximum of ten kids).

In terms of what you’ll be covered for under a family travel insurance policy, it’ll depend on whether you opt for comprehensive travel insurance or a basic policy. Comprehensive insurance offers more in the way of protection for your family (albeit at a higher price than a basic policy) and will often include the following:

  1. Cover for emergency and general medical treatments
  2. Cover for booking and trip cancellations (which can sometimes be unlimited, depending on the policy you buy)
  3. Cover for the loss, theft or damage to your belongings such as luggage (up to $15,000 or more)
  4. Cover for hire car excess if damaged in your possession (subject to certain conditions and exclusions)
  5. Personal liability if someone is injured or has their property damaged and you’re found to be at fault (potentially up to $5 million)

In comparison, basic travel insurance generally only covers medical costs and personal liability (although some policies may have lower limits for things like emergency dental cover, and personal effects cover can sometimes be added as an optional extra.) It’s important to consider what you and your family need cover for before you start the quote process.

What options do I have for family travel insurance?

Once you decide which level of policy you’re going to take out (choose between basic and comprehensive,) you can then choose which type of policy is best suited to your family’s getaway.  Choices include:

Domestic or international insurance

These are fairly self-explanatory: if you’re travelling overseas, look at an international policy, while those holidaying in Australia may find a domestic travel insurance policy more appropriate. These are similar in nature aside from one key difference: because Australians are still covered by Medicare and private health insurance whilst in their home country, there’s no need for domestic travel insurance to include medical cover. This makes domestic insurance cheaper than international coverage, but no less useful to have in place for you and your family.

Single-trip insurance

The most common type of travel insurance policy for families is single-trip insurance, which covers each member from the start of your trip to the end. This can last up to 12 months in some cases, but your travel must start and end in Australia to qualify for cover. If you’re a family which doesn’t travel very often, perhaps only once a year, this type of insurance may be the most appropriate type of insurance for you.

Annual/multi-trip insurance

Unlike single-trip insurance, an annual travel insurance policy will cover your family for multiple trips over the span of 12 months. The amount of travel you can be covered for varies between insurers, but can be capped at 90 days in total under some policies. Annual insurance is popular with families who travel frequently, whether that be due to parents having work commitments abroad, or simply because the family enjoys exploring what Australia has to offer on a regular basis.

One-way insurance

One-way travel insurance is designed for those who are heading off overseas without a clear end date booked at the time of your departure. This can also cover you for up to 12 months after you depart Australia and may be suitable if you have to relocate your family temporarily, yet indefinitely, for work or other reasons. This type of insurance can also cover your return trip to Australia, provided you take out your one-way insurance at least 48 to 72 hours prior to your departure.

How much will my family travel insurance policy cost?

There are many variables which can influence the cost of your travel insurance policy. As such, it’s important to compare as many options as possible to help you find the cheapest family travel insurance policy offered by our partners, which you can do right here with Savvy. Some of the main factors which can impact your family insurance premium are:

The level of cover you choose

As mentioned, comprehensive insurance is more expensive than basic insurance as it offers a greater number of areas covered as part of the policy, and possibly higher cover limits. You can expect a correlation between the incidents and events included in a policy, and its price. Additionally, annual travel insurance in itself is more expensive than a single-trip policy, but may possibly work out to be cheaper over 12 months than taking out individual policies for each trip (if you do travel often.)

The number of family members travelling

The size of your family may also influence the cost of your premium. As mentioned, dependents under 21 who aren’t working full-time can usually be added to the policy for free, but some insurers may charge an additional premium to do so. Also, if your children are 21 or older and/or working full-time, you’ll need to pay extra to have them covered under your policy.

Your family’s health records

As with any insurance policy, your health and that of each member of your travelling party can have an impact on your premium. For instance, if one of your family members has a pre-existing health condition, you may have to pay extra to ensure any expenses which arise due to the pre-existing condition are eligible for cover.

Your destination/s

Different countries come with different levels of risk as determined by insurers. This is generally due to the cost of healthcare varying across the world. For example, it’ll likely cost less for you to be insured to travel to Ireland, as the nation has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, which gives you access to public medical treatment. This may not be the case if you’re travelling somewhere like the United States, or getting insurance for a Germany trip, as these countries have more expensive health systems.

How long you’re away for

The longer your trip, the greater the chances (in theory) of something going wrong and you being required to make a claim. As such, longer holidays will cost more to insure from departure to return than shorter trips.

The activities covered

Additionally, the events which are included in your policy will also have an influence on how much your travel insurance costs overall. For example, if your family is adventurous and wants to partake in activities such as scuba diving or rock climbing, you’ll be required to pay more to compensate for the comparatively greater risk of injury.

Types of travel insurance

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How to compare different family travel insurance policies

Frequently asked questions about family travel insurance

Will family travel insurance cover COVID-19?

Some, but not all insurance companies are now offering cover for COVID-19-related expenses, whether they be for medical treatment overseas or cancellations following a positive test result. However, you may not be covered if your eligible COVID-19 incident occurs within 72 hours of purchasing your policy. Be aware there are COVID-19 events that may not be covered at all, such as if you travel against government advice.

Can I still get family travel insurance if myself or my partner is pregnant?

Yes – you can be insured to travel whilst pregnant, depending on the recommendations of your doctor and your insurer's terms and conditions. Different insurers have different cut-offs when it comes to how far into your pregnancy you can be covered. In many cases, this will fall between 24 and 32 weeks, but some insurers will cap it at 18 to 20 weeks. There may be exclusions that apply for assisted pregnancies (such as IVF) and twins. Make sure to check the travel insurance PDS so you know what is, and isn’t covered by your insurance.

Am I able to get family travel insurance as a single parent?

Yes you can. However, dependent children under the age of 21 who are not working full-time may be added free of charge to many standard and comprehensive travel insurance policies. This may prove to be a cheaper option than buying a family policy.

Can I take out family travel insurance as a senior travelling with my grandchildren?

Yes – seniors are eligible to take out travel insurance for domestic or international trips and include their grandchildren under a family policy. This is one of the many different family units which can be approved for cover by an insurer. These can also include de facto couples, couples who are legal guardians to their dependents, and single parents travelling with a child and grandchild.

Is insurance available for a trip involving multiple families?

Yes – if you’re travelling in larger numbers, group policies are available that provide all travellers with the same cover for one trip. This type of policy can offer cover for up to 25 individuals at one time, and can be an effective way to split the insurance cost amongst members of a group. However, these policies do apply the same coverage across the board, so may not suit the individual needs of all group members.

What is a travel insurance excess?

The excess on your travel insurance is the sum you pay out of pocket when making an insurance claim. You can generally nominate the excess you wish to pay yourself, and it can range from $0 to $500 in many cases. The larger the excess you nominate, the lower your premium will most likely be.

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