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Learn more about Defence Health’s travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today.

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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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Defence Health is a fund which provides health and travel insurance policies to those in the defence force and the wider armed forces community. Since they were founded in 1953, Defence Health has provided health and travel policies to more than 300, 000 people.

When comparing Defence Health’s travel insurance coverage with those of other insurers before your holiday, Savvy can help you narrow down your options. You’ll be able to consider a variety of offers all in one place so you can choose the best with more confidence.

Compare Defence Health’s policies and other offers with Savvy today so you can find the right cover for your needs.

*Please note that Savvy doesn’t represent Defence Health for its travel insurance products.

More about Defence Health travel insurance

What policies does Defence Health offer?

Defence Health provides several standalone travel insurance products, which include:

  • Comprehensive: this international travel insurance policy allows you to be covered for overseas emergency assistance and medical treatment, loss or damage of your luggage and cancellation or delays to your travel plans.
  • Essentials: if you’re travelling on a tight budget or just don’t need all the benefits that travel insurance can offer, Defence Health provides an ‘essentials’ policy. This covers you for medical and hospital costs, travel delays and your choice of cancellation cover (options between $1, 000 and unlimited cover). You miss out on cover for stolen money, protection for your travel documents and accidental death or permanent disability. To purchase this policy, you must be under 75 years old.
  • Domestic: this policy covers you for travel within Australia, so long as you’re taking a holiday more than 250km from your home. This policy covers you for cancellation, accidental death, travel delays and theft or damage of your bags. Like the comprehensive policy, this type of domestic travel insurance policy doesn’t have an age limit.
  • Multi-Trip: Defence Health offers an annual multi-trip policy that covers you if you’re taking several holidays over 12 months. You can take an unlimited number of holidays, but the duration of your longest holiday mustn’t be any more than 45 days.
  • Non-Medical: this policy won’t cover you if you get sick or injure yourself while you’re overseas, or anything related, but it will cover you for travel delays, theft of cash, additional expenses and cancellation.
Comprehensive Essentials Domestic Non-Medical
Overseas medical expenses
Overseas medical emergencies
Chosen limit
Chosen limit
Chosen limit
Chosen limit
Travel delays
Luggage and personal items
Delayed luggage
Personal liability
$5 million
$2.5 million
$5 million
$5 million
Accidental death
Rental vehicle excess

No matter if you’re travelling to Namibia or going camping in the Australian outback, it’s best to compare with Savvy to help you see how different policies stack up against one another.

What optional extras are available through Defence Health?

Defence Health offers a few optional extras that you can tack onto your standalone travel insurance policy. These include:

  1. Snow pack: visiting the snow? This optional snow pack is intended to provide coverage for winter sports such as amateur skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing or tubing. Emergency help for snow sports abroad, equipment loss or damage and more are all covered.
  2. Cruise pack: this cruise pack provides coverage for onboard medical expenses, ship-to-land evacuation, cancellation of booked shore excursions and cabin isolation.
  3. Adventure pack: an adventure pack includes insurance for things like motorbike, moped, and scooter riding, as well as quad biking, ziplining, river tubing, animal care and scuba diving.
  4. Increased items cover: taking some expensive belongings on holiday? This optional extra can be added to your plan to boost the amount your high-value things are insured for in the event of theft, loss, or damage.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through Defence Health?

Some of the general exclusions on Defence Health’s travel insurance policies include:

  1. Acting intentionally recklessly
  2. Being admitted to an alcohol or drug rehabilitation centre
  3. Claims relating to driving alone in a car
  4. Goods confiscated by a government authority
  5. Loss of enjoyment or a potential business opportunity
  6. Partaking in professional sport
  7. Not wearing protection equipment
  8. Accidents caused while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you’ve found a travel insurance policy which draws your eye, make sure you review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you set your decision in stone.

What we think of Defence Health travel insurance

What we like

Choose your own excess

You can choose an excess of $100, $200 or $500 if you purchase through Defence Health. Paying a greater excess will significantly lower your premium.

Generous claim limits

The maximum payouts offered by Defence Health Travel Insurance are high compared to other companies. The personal liability limits on certain plans, for instance, may go as high as $5 million.

Discounts for members

Australian Defence Force personnel and Defence Health members can get a 10% discount on their travel insurance policy by supplying their member or enlistment number.

What we don't like

Limited pre-existing condition coverage

If you have a pre-existing illness, it won't be covered by Defence Health automatically. You must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that may need a medical evaluation.

No one-way cover

If you don't have a round-trip plane ticket, Defence Health won't offer you a policy that will cover you on your way back.

Restricted seniors cover

Defence Health doesn’t sell its Essentials travel insurance policy to those over the age of 75.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Frequently asked questions about Defence Health travel insurance

Does Defence Health’s travel insurance cover COVID-19-related costs?

Yes – if you catch COVID-19 while on an international holiday, Defence Health will pay for any necessary medical care and extra hospital costs. If you need to cancel or postpone your getaway because you tested positive before you left, they will also pay for any cancellation fees. Not many travel insurance products provide coverage if you’re unable to travel due to a government-imposed border closure, but Defence Health does.

How do I make a travel insurance claim through Defence Health?

Allianz, the insurer that backs Defence Health's plans, has an online claims portal where you may submit your request for reimbursement. Allianz provides around-the-clock online claim filing, so you may file your claim whenever it’s most convenient for you after an occurrence. To file a claim, you must:

  • Be specific while filling out the claims form. It's better to be detailed, since Allianz may ask for further information or explanation if they run across any problems.
  • Provide any relevant documentation, such as a police report, medical record, receipt or other evidence of purchase.

According to Defence Health's PDS, Allianz reviews claims within ten business days. If it’s going to take longer, you'll be notified in writing. Your payout, if any, will be made in Australian dollars.

How much will my Defence Health travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies greatly from person to person. Some of the factors that determine what you’ll pay include:

  • Your age
  • Destination (for example, if you’re travelling to a country with expensive healthcare, such as the United States of America, you’ll likely pay more for your travel insurance)
  • Level of coverage
  • Optional extras you choose
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Chosen policy excess
  • Type of insurer and insurance policy you purchase
What’s the difference between single-trip, annual and one-way travel insurance policies?

If you want to take out a travel insurance policy with Defence Health, you’ll need to be living in Australia permanently. You’ll also need to purchase your policy before starting your holiday and have a return ticket booked, with your holiday starting and ending in Australia.

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