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Learn more about CGU’s travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today. 

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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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One of Australia’s largest insurance companies, CGU Insurance was formed following the merger of Commercial Union and General Accident in 1998. Since then, they’ve sold commercial, vehicle, home and travel insurance products to Australians across the country.

If you want to see how CGU’s travel insurance policies stack up against other insurers, you can compare a range of quotes with Savvy. You’ll be able to weigh up the pros and cons of each policy to help you find the one that’s the best fit for you.

Find out more about CGU’s travel insurance policies and compare products with Savvy today.

*Please note that Savvy doesn’t represent CGU for its travel insurance products.

More about CGU travel insurance

What types of travel insurance policies does CGU offer?

CGU offers a wide range of travel insurance policies, including:

  • Platinum Plan: this policy covers a string of benefits including overseas medical bills, cancellation and rescheduling, loss or damage of luggage, emergency expenses and accidental disability or death.
  • Premium Plan: CGU’s mid-tier policy covers you for all of the important benefits such as medical expenses and cancellation. However, you aren’t covered for the care of your pets if your return home is delayed and is the financial default of your airline. The claim limits on this policy are also lower than those on the platinum plan.
  • Essentials: this basic policy only covers you for any medical expenses you need, cancellation or rescheduling of your trip and some limited personal liability cover.
  • Domestic: if you’re taking a trip within Australia, this domestic travel insurance policy covers you for cancellation, travel delay, theft or damage to your bags and the excess on a rental vehicle.
  • Cancellation-only: this type of travel insurance only covers you for the cancellation of your trip due to a covered reason, such as being struck with an injury or illness. You get to choose the level of coverage from $1,000 to an unlimited amount.
  • Annual Multi-Trip: this multi-trip travel insurance policy is tailored to frequent flyers who are taking multiple holidays over 12 months. You’re allowed to take an unlimited number of trips, so long as they aren’t longer than 90 days in duration and are more than 250km from your house.
Platinum Plan Premium Plan Essentials Domestic
Overseas medical expenses
Emergency expenses
Travel delays
Luggage and personal items
Domestic pets
Personal liability
$2.5 million
$2 million
$1 million
$1 million
Accidental death

Whether you’re taking a trip to South Africa or just a drive across to the east coast of Australia, it’s always important to understand what travel insurance is and what it can offer by comparing travel insurance quotes with Savvy. By doing so, you can find one that’s tailor-made for your next trip.

What optional extras are available through CGU’s travel insurance policies?

CGU offers a few optional extras that you can tack onto your standalone travel insurance policy. These include:

  1. Cruise cover: this add-on covers you for a range of incidentals while you’re taking an international or domestic cruise holiday, including cancellation, the loss or damage of your formal attire and missing your port or shore excursions. Remember, it’s a good idea to take out cover even if you’re taking a domestic holiday, as foreign-owned vessels may not have Medicare-assessable doctors onboard.
  2. Ski cover: planning to take a holiday and carve up the ski slopes? This optional extra covers you for a range of incidentals including lift passes, your own or hired equipment bad weather or avalanches that disrupt your travel plans.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through CGU?

Some of the general exclusions on CGU’s travel insurance policies include:

  1. Any costs involved in breaking the law
  2. Incidents that occur outside of the travel insurance period
  3. Accidents caused by alcohol or drugs
  4. Self-inflicted injuries
  5. Complications with pregnancies after the 24th week
  6. Travelling against doctor’s advice
  7. Undergoing elective surgery or getting treated for an unapproved pre-existing medical condition
  8. Travelling to a destination against Australian government advice

If you’ve found a travel insurance policy that draws your eye, make sure you review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you set your decision in stone.

What we think of CGU’s travel insurance

What we like

Unlimited cancellation cover

While many providers offer you a capped limit on how much you can claim if your travel plans need to be cancelled, CGU offers unlimited coverage under their Platinum policy.

24/7 support

CGU offers travellers 24/7 support while on holiday, which allows you to check up on parts of your PDS or file claims day or night.

Generous luggage cover

If your bags and personal items go missing, get stolen or are damaged, you can claim up to $15,000 to replace or repair them, which is quite high compared to other travel insurance companies.

What we don't like

Limited pregnancy coverage

While some insurance companies may cover you through the 30th week of pregnancy, CGU stops at 24 weeks. Previous difficulties or twin pregnancies may potentially exclude you from receiving coverage altogether.

Limited hire car cover

Unlike some other providers who offer up to $8,000 cover for the excess on a rental vehicle, CGU only offers you up to $5,000 on certain policies.

Low personal liability cover

While there are travel insurance companies on the market who will offer up to $10 million in personal liability coverage, CGU only offers $2.5 million on its most expensive plan.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Frequently asked questions about CGU’s travel insurance

Does CGU cover COVID-19-related costs in its travel insurance policies?

No – CGU doesn’t provide coverage for any COVID-19-related costs such as medical expenses due to contracting the virus or pre-trip cancellation if you test positive before you leave.

How do I make a claim on your CGU’s travel insurance?

If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance, CGU has a fairly straightforward process when it comes to assessing claims. You can lodge one through the company’s online portal. Once you’ve submitted all relevant information and documents, including police or medical reports and receipts and proof of purchases, you can send it off. You’ll then be assigned a case manager, who should respond to your claim within ten working days.

How much will my CGU travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance doesn’t have a single average cost or a one-size-fits-all price. Instead, the price you’ll pay is down to a set of unique variables, such as:

  • Your age
  • Destination (travelling to Las Vegas may be more expensive than travelling to the UK due to the cost of healthcare, for example)
  • Level of coverage
  • Optional extras you choose
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Chosen policy excess
  • Type of insurer and insurance policy you purchase
What’s the difference between single-trip, annual and one-way travel insurance policies?

Single-trip travel insurance policies only cover you for one holiday, while annual, or multi-trip, policies usually cover you for an unlimited number of holidays over 12 months. A trip can last up to 60 to 90 days when it’s protected by a yearly multi-trip coverage. In contrast, one-way policies cover journeys taken without a confirmed return flight, lasting up to 12 months and able to be extended further.

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