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Learn more about AMEX’s travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today. 

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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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Founded more than 170 years ago in the US city of Buffalo, American Express (also known as AMEX) provides travellers with travel insurance products alongside its usual suite of services for credit cards and corporate banking. In Australia, the company is headquartered in Sydney and employs more than 1,500 people across the country. AMEX’s travel insurance products are underwritten by Chubb.

If you’re hunting for the right travel insurance for your holiday, comparing with Savvy allows you to get an idea of how AMEX’s plans stack up against other offers on the market. You can weigh up factors such as claim limits, inclusions and exclusions and terms and conditions.

Find out more about AMEX’s travel insurance policies, compare them with Savvy and get a quote today.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent AMEX for its travel insurance products.

More about AMEX travel insurance

What travel insurance policies does AMEX offer?

American Express offers several different travel insurance policies, including:

  • International Essentials Plan: this cheaper travel insurance policy covers you for the basics, such as unlimited overseas medical expenses. You’re also given limited cover for your luggage, death due to a covered accident and any legal costs associated with being found personally liable for damage or injury. Those over 80 won’t be able to take out this travel insurance policy.
  • International Comprehensive Plan: this policy covers the same ground as the essentials plan. However, there are larger limits on benefits and you’re also covered if you lose income due to illness, injury or travel delays.
  • International Ultimate Plan: this is AMEX’s top level of international cover for those taking an international holiday. Essentially, you’re afforded the same areas of cover as the comprehensive policy but the claim limits are considerably higher. For example, while you can claim up to $10,000 in cancellation costs on the comprehensive policy, the ultimate plan allows you to recoup up to $15,000.
  • Domestic Trip: if you’re taking a trip around Australia, this policy covers you for cancellation or amendments to your bookings, travel delays, lost or damaged luggage and personal liability. However, you’ll miss out on cover for loss of income or accidental death.
International Essential Plan International Comprehensive Plan International Trip Ultimate Plan Domestic Trip
Overseas medical
Luggage and personal items
Accidental death
Personal liability
$2.5 million
$5 million
$5 million
$2 million
Hijack cover
Loss of income
Trip interruptions

Comparing quotes with Savvy helps you narrow your selections and find the best policy for your next trip, no matter if you’re flying to Costa Rica or Cairns.

What optional extras are available through AMEX?

American Express provides optional coverage to cover travellers taking a range of different domestic and international holidays. Some of the available options include:

  1. Rental vehicle excess cover: hiring a car can be an easy and efficient way of getting around your destination, whether you’re taking a holiday to Egypt or a drive to Echunga. This add-on covers the excess on your rental vehicle up to $3,000 if your car is damaged, an amount you otherwise would have needed to pay.
  2. Snow sports cover: anything can happen when you’re carving up the slopes on a set of skis or a snowboard. This optional extra allows you to be covered for the hire or replacement of equipment and any cancellation costs due to bad weather or the closure of your resort.
  3. Cruise cover: this optional coverage covers you for a range of incidentals while you’re on an international or domestic cruise.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through AMEX?

American Express has a list of general exclusions which include:

  1. Changing your mind before the start of your holiday
  2. Taking a domestic holiday which is less than 150km from your home
  3. Accidents caused by consuming alcohol or drugs
  4. Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicide
  5. Partaking in a professional sport
  6. Any costs associated with travel to Cuba
  7. Travelling to hazardous worksites including mines or oil rigs
  8. Loss of enjoyment

If you’ve found a policy which draws your eye, ensure you review AMEX’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you set your decision in stone.

What we think of AMEX travel insurance

What we like

Generous personal liability limits

AMEX offers generous limits on their coverage if you are found personally liable for damage or injury during your holiday, allowing you to claim back up to $5 million.

Free with certain credit cards

If you’re a credit card holder with AMEX, you may qualify for free travel insurance as part of the overall package, potentially saving you money in the process.

Competitive luggage cover

In most cases, travel insurers will only cover up to $10,000 if you need to replace or repair your baggage because it’s damaged or stolen. However, AMEX allows you to claim back up to $15,000.

What we don't like

High excesses

If you need to make a claim on your travel insurance, you’ll be required to pay a $250 excess, which is $50 to $100 more than those of many other providers.

Shorter pregnancy cover

Many travel insurance providers will cover pregnant travellers up to their 26th week of gestation. However, American Express only covers you up to your 23rd week.

No cover for those over 80

While some travel insurance providers are quite flexible with their age limits, AMEX isn’t and as a result won’t sell policies to travellers over 80.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Frequently asked questions about AMEX travel insurance

Does AMEX include cover for COVID-19-related expenses?

Yes – American Express’ travel insurance policies cover costs for cancelling, curtailing or changing your trip due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Policies also cover the cost of any necessary medical treatment you require during your recovery. However, you won’t be covered due to COVID-19-related border closures or able to claim for quarantine costs.

Do I need an AMEX credit card to take out travel insurance?

Not necessarily – you can purchase travel insurance through American Express whether you’re an existing credit card customer or not. However, some of their credit products offer complimentary travel insurance. For example, AMEX’s Platinum credit card comes with free travel insurance if you purchase return flights on the card. Among some of the benefits of the Platinum card’s travel insurance are unlimited medical expenses and coverage for loss of luggage.

How do I make a claim through AMEX?

If you need to file a claim on your travel insurance, AMEX requires you to do so through the website of their underwriter, Chubb. Once you’ve logged onto their portal, you can follow a few simple steps to submit your claim:

  • Provide ample details about the incident and the expenses you’re claiming
  • Upload the documentation you need for them to back up your claim
  • Provide your bank details for your reimbursement
  • Review your application and submit it

AMEX says it can take up to ten days for applications to be processed. During this time, you may be requested to provide more information about your claim. Responding promptly is the best way to fast-track the processing of your claim.

How much will my AMEX travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your chosen destination
  • The level of coverage you buy
  • Any optional extras you need
  • The policy excess you choose
  • The type of insurer and insurance policy you buy
What’s the difference between single-trip, multi-trip and one-way travel insurance?

A single-trip policy covers you for one return trip while an annual multi-trip policy covers you for consecutive holidays taken over 12 months. These annual policies allow you to travel for between 15 and 90 days per trip. A one-way travel insurance policy covers you for taking a holiday when you don’t have a return ticket booked. Under these policies, you can usually opt for an extension of a year on your cover.

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