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Learn more about Allianz's travel insurance policies to find out about their coverage and fees and compare them with other insurers today.

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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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One of the world’s largest insurance companies, Allianz has provided travel insurance for those looking to jet off overseas or holiday at home since 1980. The company’s Australian headquarters are in Sydney and since arriving on our shores from Germany, they’ve become one of the leaders in travel insurance.

If you’re doing your homework and hoping to see how Allianz’s policies stack up to those of other insurers, you can do so right here with Savvy. By comparing with us, you can weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of their travel insurance to find the best one for you.

Wherever you’re heading, you’ll get to compare inclusions, exclusions and claim limits to help you get the most suitable deal for your next getaway. Get a quote today and compare with Savvy.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent Allianz for its travel insurance products.

More about Allianz's travel insurance

What travel insurance policies does Allianz offer?

Allianz offers a range of travel insurance products, including:

  • Basic travel insurance: Allianz’s basic policy only provides travellers with cover for unlimited overseas health and medical expenses and personal liability up to $2.5 million. The simple package is limited to travellers under the age of 75.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance: this type of travel insurance policy provides you with broader coverage, including overseas health treatment, flight delays, cancelling for any covered reason, lost or stolen luggage and the excess on a rental car. They also cover global medical evacuation assistance if you need to return home due to illness or injury. This policy covers you for a single trip.
  • Domestic travel insurance: Allianz offers a domestic travel insurance policy which specifically covers lost or stolen luggage, personal liability and the unexpected cancellation of your holiday due to a covered event. You’re also covered for the excess on your hire car and any funeral costs if you die while on holiday within Australia.
  • Multi-trip travel insurance: tailored to frequent fliers, this policy provides you coverage for multiple holidays across 12 months. You get the option of domestic or comprehensive travel insurance policies, with the option of covering between 15 and 45 days.
Domestic Travel Insurance Basic Travel Insurance Comprehensive Travel Insurance
Overseas medical
Luggage/personal items
Personal liability
$5 million
$2.5 million
$5 million
Rental vehicle excess
Theft of cash

Allianz also offers around-the-clock global assistance to its customers, allowing them to phone day or night if they find themselves in an emergency.

However, before settling on your chosen policy, it’s important to compare with Savvy to ensure you get the best deal before you head off on your long-awaited getaway.

What optional extras are available through Allianz?

Travel insurance doesn't always cover everything and sometimes providers will require you to pay extra if you’re taking part in a particularly risky activity while you’re on holiday. Allianz is no different, offering a few add-on options, including:

  1. Snow pack: this is a type of ski policy which covers you for emergency assistance overseas, non-refundable bookings or ski passes if you’re injured or fall ill, the piste is forced to close or bad weather and avalanches shut your ski resort. You must be under 75 years old to purchase this package.
  2. Cruise pack: if you’re planning on taking a cruise, you’ll need to purchase this package alongside your standard policy. The cruise pack covers you for unlimited medical treatment, evacuation, cabin confinement and the loss or delay of your formal attire.
  3. Adventure pack: Allianz offers this pack on domestic or international holidays. Covered activities under this policy include abseiling, deep-sea fishing, animal handling, motorcycle riding and scuba diving.
  4. Increased item limits: if you’re travelling with expensive, valuable items, Allianz allows you to pay extra and increase the claimable limits on single items. This is suitable if you’re taking a camera, laptop or mobile phone on holiday.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through Allianz?

While it's recommended that everyone take out travel insurance before jetting off on holiday, no matter whether you’re flying to Japan or taking a holiday to Denmark, it's important to remember that there may be exclusions to your coverage. Some of the general exclusions on Allianz’s coverage include:

  1. Loss of enjoyment
  2. Bank charges, such as credit card conversion fees
  3. Breaking road rules or driving in a dangerous manner
  4. Alcohol or drug-related accidents
  5. Knowingly travelling to a war-torn destination
  6. Reimbursement of goods seized by foreign governments
  7. Travelling against the medical advice of a doctor
  8. Death, illness or injury due to an uncovered pre-existing health condition

To be sure your insurance policy adequately protects you, check the Product Disclosure Statement before deciding which policy to purchase. Make sure your travel insurance covers everything you'll need while away.

What we think of Allianz travel insurance

What we like

COVID-19 coverage

Allianz provides cover for COVID-19-related expenses, such as overseas medical expenses or cancellation of your trip if you’re diagnosed. It also provides cover for additional expenses, such as if you need to return home because a loved one has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Competitive personal liability cover

Compared to other travel insurance companies on the market, Allianz offers a competitive claim limit of $5 million for personal liability cover.

Your choice of cancellation cover

With Allianz, you get to choose the maximum amount of coverage for travel cancellations yourself. This will help you access the cover you need should you cancel for any covered reason.

What we don't like

Low luggage claim limits

Comprehensive policies only allow you to claim up to $10,000 if your luggage or travel documents need to be replaced due to theft or damage, which is considerably lower than some of Allianz’s competitors.

No cover for pet boarding

Unlike some of its rival providers, Allianz doesn’t provide coverage for the additional costs of boarding your dog or cat if your travel plans are delayed.

Limited pre-existing condition coverage

In most cases, it can be tough to get cover for a pre-existing condition if you don’t meet some of Allianz’s stringent criteria. Coverage for pregnant travellers is also severely restricted.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

Frequently asked questions about Allianz travel insurance

How do I make a claim through Allianz?

Allianz lets you make a claim on your travel insurance online day or night through their website. If you need to make a claim, simply:

  • Head to Allianz’s travel claims website
  • Enter your policy number, full name and date of birth
  • Upload any supporting documents such as medical reports or receipts
  • Submit your claim

Allianz allows you to track your claim through its website. It’s best to wait about ten working days for an outcome and respond to any queries from your provider promptly to avoid holding up the refund process.

Does Allianz offer coverage if I’m pregnant?

Yes – however, you’ll only be automatically covered if you’re expecting one child, are under 24 weeks and have had no prior complications with previous pregnancies. If you are expecting multiple children or had prior childbirth issues, you will need to apply to Allianz for cover and undertake a medical assessment.

How much will my travel insurance cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the cost of travel insurance, with how much you pay largely dictated by several factors such as:

  • Your age
  • How long you’re planning to travel
  • The destinations you’re visiting
  • Whether you suffer from any pre-existing conditions
  • If you need any optional extras, such as cruise or adventure sports cover
  • The travel insurance company you choose and the level of coverage you’re prepared to pay for
What’s the difference between single-trip, multi-trip and one-way travel insurance?

Single-trip offers you coverage for one trip while multi-trip travel insurance provides you with year-round cover for destinations with a specified amount of travel days (usually between 45 and 90). One-way travel insurance is a policy designed for those who have not booked a return ticket, such as if you’re a backpacker with a one-way flight to New Zealand.

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