Most Reliable International Money Transfers

Compare a range of reliable international money transfer service providers with Savvy to find the right one for you today.

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Compare some of the most reliable transfer services in Australia

When sending money overseas, it’s important to choose a transfer method that is reliable and will guarantee that your funds arrive at their destination safely. Savvy has partnered with a panel of trustworthy international transfer service providers to bring you more options to compare when transferring money internationally. Choose which one suits your needs the best and start your transfer today.

site-logos Xe
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $0 1-3 days From $0 100
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Xe is a 2021 Canstar Award Winner and offers the best exchange rates, low to no fees so customers save the most money

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site-logos OFX
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $250 1-3 days $0 50+
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OFX offers speed, security and simplicity with no hidden fees, total transparency and real people support 24/7

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site-logos Wise Money Transfer
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $0 1-3 days From 0.41% 53
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Send money cheaper and easier with Wise with no hidden fees.

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site-logos TorFX
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $200 0-2 days $0 35
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Excellent exchange rates with no transfer fees. Trusted by over 55,000 customers. Awarded Canstar’s 5 star rating 2018-2021.

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site-logos SingX
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $0 0-2 days From $0 30
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SingX offers live exchange rates with no mark ups and only charge a nominal fee shown to you upfront

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site-logos Remitly
  Minimum Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Transfer Fee Total Currencies Available  
site-logos $0 0-2 days From $0 21
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Remitly offers fast, safe and secure money transfers with excellent rates to over 100 countries

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More information on the most reliable international money transfers

What's the most reliable method to transfer money internationally?

There are many ways to send money overseas from Australia. However, if you want to find the cheapest and most reliable way to send money overseas, you need look no further than specialist international money transfer companies.

Such companies are frequently able to offer the lowest fees, the best exchange rates and the fastest transfer services available. They’ll often be able to get your money overseas far quicker than a bank, and with much lower fees, too. The process is also highly convenient, with everything taking place online from start to finish in a highly secure manner with high-level encryption to keep your details safe.

Savvy has partnered with a panel of reputable international money transfer service providers so you can make your international transfer worry-free. They offer the best way to send money overseas, so your only remaining choice is which one of Savvy’s partners offers you the best value for the sort of money transfer you want to make.

How do I compare reliable international money transfer services?

There are many ways to compare different international money transfer services, with some of the key features including:

Exchange rates

The exchange rate you’re quoted will have the largest influence on your transfer, as even a small difference in the rate can have a huge impact on the amount of money you end up sending overseas, particularly if you’re making a large transfer. That’s why it’s so important to compare exchange rates with Savvy before making your transfer decision.

To get the best deal on your international exchange, look for a company which offers an exchange rate as close to the mid-market rate as possible. This is the ‘true’ exchange rate, which falls halfway between the buy price and sell price on the international currency exchange market. The closer your exchange rate to the mid-market rate, the more foreign currency you’ll be able to buy with your Australian dollars.


Next, look at the fees you’re being charged to transfer the money. There are three main ways that international money exchange companies make their money:

  • They charge a flat fee for the transfer (up to $15)
  • They charge a fee which is a percentage of the transfer amount (typically from 0.4% to 0.5%)
  • They don’t charge a fee but add a margin onto the exchange rate

All of these methods of charging for international transfers will probably end up being cheaper than using your traditional bank, as banks charge fees anywhere between $6 and $30 to complete a transfer from one bank to another overseas. By comparison, an international money transfer company may charge a fee of less than $5 to make a small transfer.

In general terms, flat-fee charges are the best for larger transfers and percentage charges are more economical for smaller transfers. Make sure you’re aware that some companies have minimum and maximum transfer limits, such as minimum limits of $200 to $250, maximum limits anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or more and occasionally a daily limit of $5,000.

Countries and currencies

It’s vital to make sure the company you choose offers money transfer services to your preferred destination in the currency you require. You can check this fact by going to the company’s website and looking at their list of countries serviced.

Transfer speed

The transfer time and speed of delivery of an international transfer will vary from provider to provider and based on the destination of your transfer. High-volume destinations from Australia, such as the UK, USA, New Zealand and India will often transfer more quickly than if you send money to a less common destination. Transfer times for money exchange companies range from zero to two days in most cases (but can reach up to five days), with some able to have your money available overseas in a matter of seconds.

Payment methods

Some companies can be paid in cash, while others require payments to come directly from a bank account. Some will allow payments by cards, while others require bank details. Make sure you check whether the company you choose offers the payment method which suits you most.

Who are some of the most reliable international money transfer providers?

You can safely use any of Savvy’s trusted partners to reliably transfer money overseas from Australia. Some of our reliable international money transfer providers include:


Canstar Award-winning provider Xe is a globally-recognised online FX trading specialist based in Canada. It’s a subsidiary of the giant Euronet Worldwide Group, and has been established for over 25 years. It offers transfers to over 220 countries using more than 138 currencies. 


Founded in Singapore, SingX offers exchange rates with no markups and low fees. They offer transfer speeds of 0-2 days to more than 30 nations, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. SingX is commonly used by individuals looking to transfer to and from Asia.


Offering a percentage fee and very competitive exchange rates, Wise offers an international currency account on an app with many useful tools to help make your transfer cheaper. Their percentage-based fee makes them a suitable option for smaller, more frequent transfers.


TorFX offers a full-service foreign exchange trading platform and is commonly used by businesses to transfer money overseas. They offer account managers to assist with commercial transactions and highly-regarded, award-winning customer service. They come with a minimum transfer of $200 and offer 35 currencies.

Frequently asked questions about reliable international money transfers

Can I reliably track the progress of my international money transfer?

Yes – most international money transfer companies offer tracking through either their website or their mobile app. Once your transfer has been confirmed, you’ll receive a notification with a tracking number which will enable you to see when your funds arrive at their destination. All of Savvy’s partners offer a reliable money transfer service, so you can rest assured your money will arrive at its destination at a good speed.

What is an exchange rate guarantee and are they reliable?

An exchange rate guarantee ensures the exchange rate you’re quoted when enquiring about the transfer is the same one applied to your transaction, which may take place minutes, hours or even days later when international exchange rates may have shifted significantly. Guarantees are often provided for a set number of hours after the quotation is offered, which can range from 12 to 36 or more. They’re legally binding, so they can be relied upon to give you an accurate exchange rate figure for your funds.

What information will I need to provide to make my international transfer?

When you first open your international money transfer account, you’ll need to provide some ID and your bank details to open your account. Your passport and/or driver’s licence should be sufficient ID in most cases. If your transfer is for an amount over $10,000, you may be asked for further information about your transfer, as all cash movements over $10,000 leaving Australia are reported to AUSTRAC.

Do all international money transfer companies offer customer support 24/7?

No – different international money transfer service providers offer different levels of customer support. Some offer 24/7 customer support in a variety of languages, some only offer support during their country’s business hours, and others rely on intuitive and well-designed mobile apps with sophisticated help features to assist clients. If customer support is important to you, choose a company which advertises it as a selling feature.