How to protect yourself from becoming financially vulnerable?

Pay off your bills when you are not working Not being able to go to work is due to circumstances that are out of your control can keep anyone up the night, especially when you have bills to pay. According to a study by Deloitte, 6 million Australians are at risk of not being able […]

4 things to consider before buying business insurance

Know the industry risks You may have assessed your business inside and out to see what could possibly go wrong, but have you checked the risks that come within the industry you are planning to run it in? Small businesses are faced with the struggle of keeping their doors open for the 1 year to […]

Will your insurance cover you if your car is damage by mother nature?

Does the insurance policy cover you for natural disasters? There is a wide range of insurance policies that are offered by insurers to ensure that you are adequately covered. However, not all insurance policies are created equal. When it comes to finding a policy that covers you for damages caused by storms or hail it […]

How can loan protection work for you?

How loan protection insurance works for you

What is loan protection insurance? You can think of loan protection insurance as an insurance policy that can create a financial buffer when you are faced with life’s mishaps that are beyond your control. This type of insurance takes over any loan payment that you need to make but unable to because of: Falling seriously […]

Does life insurance cover me for pre-existing genetic disorder?

pre-existing genetic disorder insurance

Life insurance and pre-existing genetic disorders A genetic disorder is something that is out of your control. This tends to be a condition that runs in families and is often known as hereditary conditions. For examples, some genetic disorders are some cancers, cystic fibrosis, high cholesterol, hemophilia, muscular dystrophy, and birth defects. According to the […]

6 benefits that come with income protection

Income protection benefits

1. Potential tax benefits Who doesn’t like a tax kickback? Taking out an income protection policy with an insurer can open doors to potential tax benefits that can be claimed as a tax deduction of the cost of your income protection premiums. The catch is not available for income protection insurance policies that have been […]

Understanding a premium waiver on life insurance

Premium waver on life insurance

What is a premium waiver? Life insurance policies come with a range of features that can be adjusted to suit your lifestyle to ensure that you are adequately covered. Having your premiums waived basically means that your insurer will not have to pay your policy premiums during the period in which you have sustained a critical […]

The pros and cons of having funeral insurance

Pros and cons of funeral insurance

What it means to have funeral insurance Funeral insurance is a policy that can help you and your loved ones prepare for funeral expenses. A lump sum will be paid out to the beneficiaries to help them take care of funeral expenses that may arise. The benefit of having such a policy is that it […]

Choosing between price over the value when it comes to life insurance

Life insurance price vs value

Price dominating most Aussies decision on life insurance Finding the best policy suitable for your situation is vital. One thing that you will quickly find out is that not all insurers or policies are created the same. Some will offer you more value than the other which is why it is important to compare. A […]

How to get adequate life insurance coverage without breaking the bank

Adequate life insurance cover

Start Building a life insurance policy that will cover you and your life one takes time, but it is important that you start. According to Lifewise, 1 in 3 Australians do not have adequate life insurance cover. Taking out a policy is the first step. Life insurance is an umbrella body that has various policies that can […]

5 things that won’t be covered by your car insurance

Car insurance claim

Wear and tear Unfortunately, the things we can do to hold back the years on our cars are limited. Car insurance can cover damage to your vehicle should it be sustained from an accident. If the damage was caused by wear and tear that has happened naturally over time, then your insurer cannot cover it. […]