Why is tyre and rim insurance important?

Nice rims

A common mistake people make is that their comprehensive car insurance actually covers tyre and rim damage. In many cases it doesn’t. If you want to make a claim where your tyres and rims are concerned, it’s quite likely you’ll be turned away. Tyre and rim insurance is important because without even one of these […]

7 things that can void your car insurance claim

Un-roadworthy vehicle A number of issues could lead to your vehicle being deemed un-roadworthy. This could range from your lights not functioning properly, your tyres being worn, your wiper blades being faulty or your brakes being defective. Even a cracked windscreen or oil leak could put your vehicle at risk of being un-roadworthy. The problem […]

Do younger people pay more on car insurance?

Insurance companies tend to view younger drivers as a greater risk on the roads due to their lack of motoring experience. This is based on the general consensus that younger drivers are more prone to accidents than older drivers and, since premiums are determined by the level of risk involved insuring you, most insurance companies […]

Do you really need car gap insurance?

Depreciation on your vehicle The unfortunate truth is that your cars value depreciates as soon as you drive it out of the dealership. As The Dog and Lemon reported, in Australia a new car loses about 15% of its value per year in the first three years. After three years, the average car will be worth just […]

What both agreed value and market value imply for your car insurance?

According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, 4% more vehicles, totaling 56,184 vehicles, were stolen during the 2016/17 financial year. As a result, most people wish to insure their vehicles. Many are also faced with the choice between agreed- and market-value car insurance. Of these, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, […]

Putting a brake on your rising car insurance costs

Although wage price index, according to the Insurance Council of Australia, is above the increase of car insurance this has increased by 66% over the past 10 years. This means that car insurance is becoming unaffordable to many, especial generation X people who are burdened by loans, low wages, and high living costs. Even with […]

Switching from one vehicle insurance company to another

Besides the findings from a Roy Morgan Research, which indicated a 2% increase in satisfaction among car insurance holders between 2013 and 2016, there may be reasons such as price or service to switch to another insurance company. Furthermore, with 115 insurers authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), many are offering special deals […]

Ways to get short-term car insurance

The average salary in Australia is $81 947 per annum. The cost of an average car is $27,994. This expense may consume a high proportion of one’s spending money. When other living costs and debts are taken into account, many people may opt not to buy a car. However, they may still occasionally need the […]

Car insurance risks when lending your car to someone

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics as on 31 January 2017, Australia has 18.8 million registered cars on the roads. That is 18.8 million cars that may possibly be lent to friends, family members or work colleagues. However, lending your car to anyone may have implications for you, depending on what your insurance policy […]

6 things to consider when buying your car insurance

1. Know what type of car insurance you are looking for Before we start off you need to be already covered by the Compulsory Third Party (CPT) insurance. You are usually automatically covered when you register your car, but if it so happened that this has not been done yet then it’s time. Comprehensive car […]

5 ways you can lower your car insurance like a pro

Drive less Insurers are concerned in terms of how likely are you to cause an accident on the road that will cost them a lot of money in pay-outs. There are many times where you drive your car to a place that is a walkable distance. If you work close by, or even live close […]

5 tips on understanding what your CTP does and doesn’t cover

It will not cover your vehicle or others involved in the accident CTP, which is also known as the green slip, is to protect you should you find yourself in an accident. Accidents are caused by various reasons. Survey statistics released by Keep Your Eyes On The Road showed that the top three reasons for accidents […]