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Providing you fleet discounts that could save you thousands of dollars on your next car purchase

Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 03:40 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Save more by buying through our Savvy car broker service

Fleet discounts for private buyers

Did you know you can get a great discount on a car by buying through Savvy’s car broker service? Savvy can drive down prices on new cars thanks to our fleet purchasing power. Fleet buying is how big companies save thousands on buying cars by buying in bulk. Savvy has arrangements with dealerships across the country so you can buy your next car with confidence. Best of all, we can help you with getting a competitive rate on finance – we make the entire process easy.

Easier, quicker, and cheaper

Buying a car can be stressful. Looking through endless advertisements, ticking off dealerships to visit, test driving, negotiating, and then arranging finance on top can add to your stress. Savvy makes the entire process easy and quick by offering a selection of cars that we negotiate and pay for on your behalf. We look for competitive finance packages, looking for loans from 25 of Australia’s top banks and lenders. We reduce the time you spend – as well as saving you money. Fleet buying has never been easier.

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The five-step car buying process

How car broking through Savvy works

What is car broking?

Car broking is a service in which a buyer contacts a car broker to help secure a car on their behalf at a discount compared to buying off the lot. A car broker uses their links with many dealers and bulk purchasing power to find a car of the buyer’s choosing. The broker then negotiates the deal and arranges delivery of the car on the buyer’s behalf.

How much does it cost to use a car broker?

There are no up-front fees to use a car broker.

How does Savvy save me on buying a car?

Savvy uses fleet buying as part of their car broking service to access discounts usually reserved for corporate or business fleet customers. Our purchasing power is higher compared with an individual going it alone. This means many dealers are eager to sell their cars at high discounts to ensure they make more sales.

Do I have to negotiate with the dealer?

No. We tender out your order to a network of dealerships that all submit bids for your business. This bargaining process ensures you can select the lowest price from what’s on offer.

Do I have to arrange finance myself?

You can arrange your own finance by paying in cash or EFT; but as Savvy is one of Australia’s trusted car loan brokers, you can apply for finance alongside your car order to make the entire transaction seamless.

Can I get a novated lease through this arrangement?

Yes, we can find a car through a novated lease agreement between you, your employer, and a financier. Ask a consultant for more information.

I need a car for business, can I use this service?

Yes. You may be able to finance the car with a chattel mortgage, hire purchase, or operating lease instead of a consumer loan.

I want to buy a used car. Is this possible?

Yes – we can source quality used and certified used cars through our extensive dealer network. Simply notify your broker when filling out your order form.

Can I test drive the car before I buy?

Yes, though conditions may apply. It’s best to test drive a car you would like to own before submitting your vehicle order form.

Can I get a quote before I apply?

Yes, you can get a free, no-obligation quote before applying. Click below for more.

What types of car can I get?

You can choose any car you like – hatches, sedans, mid-size cars, coupes, SUVs, 4x4s, utes, and many others.