See clearer with a laser eye surgery loan

Give yourself the chance to ditch your glasses with flexible and structured finance that works for you

Effective and effortless financing

There are many limitations that comes with using glasses or contact lenses to help guide your vision from day to day. But what if you had a chance to finally ditch the ongoing costs of having to wear glasses or lenses for more freedom? At Savvy we offer laser eye surgery loans to help you finance a procedure that can permanently alter your vision for the better. No two eyes are the same so why should your financing be? We offer tailor-made solutions that are affordable to get the job done.

Finance your procedure at a low rate

As much as the thought of seeing without glasses is exciting the bill that comes with financing this is not so exciting. We understand your need to find financing that can take care of all your expenses at an affordable rate. We help lead you from start to finish through our finance options that won't break the bank. We assess your situation to help you get a personalised interest rate and repayment plans that suit your financial situation.

Uncomplicated financing from experts

Our years of experience means we can help you go through a smooth application process with a fast turnaround that gets what you need

Flexible repayments
We help you manage the costs of your surgery without putting your finances at risk.
Zero surprises
Our fixed rate personal loans mean that you will have fixed repayments throughout the loan.
100% finance
We offer funding that covers all expenses that will come with your laser eye surgery.
Access to multiple lenders
Looking for the right rate for you? You can compare our wide range of our top suite of lenders.
Personalised solutions
We offer you finance solutions that come at a personalised rate so you can fund your freedom with ease.
Expert guidance
Our team of consultants that are experts in laser eye surgery loans will help you every step of the way.