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Last updated on April 21st, 2022 at 03:46 pm by Cate Cook

Relax with lower rates on caravan finance

Since 2020 caravan sales have boomed. There are now more than 800,000 recreational vehicles registered on Australian roads, according to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia.

You can quickly join the thousands of Australians choosing to take their holiday in a caravan, motorhome or other RV by taking out a low-rate caravan loan using Savvy’s smart online application process.   With same day approvals and speedy settlements, Savvy can take the weight off your shoulders and get you motoring off into the sunset sooner!

Savvy is a market-leader in recreational vehicle finance.  Partnered with all major lenders nationwide, we’ll do the hard work for you to compare and find you the most competitive and suitable loan geared to your individual needs. Our simple, intuitive application process backed by exceptional customer service will make your caravan-buying experience a breeze!

By using the trusted experts in recreational vehicle finance, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll get the most competitive and flexible loan available.  So sit back, start dreaming and let Savvy help you turn your sunset vision into reality!

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Get the right caravan loan with Savvy – here’s how we can help!

Any type of vehicle

It doesn’t matter whether you choose a pop-top, a slide-out or even a fifth wheeler, we can help you get the most appropriate finance to suit your personal lifestyle and needs.

All leading caravan brands

Whether you choose to buy a Jayco, a Traveller or a Supreme, Savvy can help you get the best possible finance for the vehicle you’ve always dreamed of owning.   

New or used – it’s your choice

Finance is available for new and used vehicles of any size or type, as long as it’s less than 24-year-old. 

No deposit needed – 100% finance offered

We can offer you 100% of the cost of your vehicle for approved loan applicants, so there’s no need to save for a deposit.

Borrow as much or as little as you need

With loans from $5,000 upwards, you can gear your loan to the cost of your new caravan.  Use our handy caravan loan calculator to help you work out exactly how much your repayments may be per month.

Flexible repayment terms

You can pay back your caravan loan over a period of one to seven years, so it’s up to you to decide how much you can afford to pay. 

The Savvy advantage to help with your caravan loan

Simple steps towards your caravan loan approval

Will I be eligible for a caravan loan?

Lenders vary, and so do their eligibility criteria to approve loans. Savvy’s team of experts have years of experience in recreational vehicle finance, so we will be able to compare the offers available and give you the best advice possible.

To qualify for a loan to help you buy your caravan, motorhome, camper trailer or RV the minimum requirements you’ll need for approval are:

  • To be at least 18 years of age
  • Australian citizenship (or living here with permanent residency)
  • Working either full or part-time, earning at least $26,000 per year
  • A clean credit history with no defaults or bankruptcies
  • A reasonable credit score
  • 100 points of identification

If you fulfil all these minimum requirements, you should then consider how much you can afford to pay in addition to your existing mortgage and any other credit cards, lines of credit or loans you may have.

Should I choose an unsecured personal loan instead?

It’s your choice of course! However, an unsecured personal loan will cost you far more than a loan specifically designed for caravan purchasers. This is because a personal loan is considered a higher risk by most lenders than a secured caravan loan. Therefore, because the perceived risk is higher, so too will the interest rate be.

Example: John and Sandra are in their early 60’s and have an excellent credit rating. Having been on several caravan holidays with friends, they’ve now decided they want to buy their own first caravan.

On a caravan sales website the you’ve found a 2016 Supreme Executive caravan, which is exactly the van they’ve been looking for. They want to borrow $30,000 to buy it, and intend to pay off their loan in 3 years before they retire.

With a secured caravan loan, and a comparison interest rate of 4.99%, their monthly repayments will be $899, and the loan will end up costing them a total of $32,364.

If they chose an unsecured personal loan with a comparable interest rate of 6.49%, their monthly repayments would be $919, and they would end up paying $33,096.

By choosing a specific caravan loan, John and Sandra saved themselves $732.

Their loan was approved the same day; two days later their caravan dealer received the money and slapped a big red SOLD sign on their immaculate silver Supreme Executive. The following day they had a tow bar and electronic brakes fitted to their Toyota Land Cruiser, and that weekend they headed north with their new set of wheels for their first caravan holiday together.

Savvy can help you finance your next caravan by comparing lenders. We’ll find you a loan that suits you and your individual financial needs, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars over the life of your loan – just like John and Sandra.

We answer your most frequently asked questions

Can I buy a used caravan with caravan finance?

Yes – you can buy used or factory fresh caravans with caravan finance from Savvy. We also help you get competitive rates on loans for both private and dealer sales.

We have just retired. Can we still apply for a caravan loan?

Yes – we help many retired Australians gain approval for a caravan loan.  The amount you are eligible to borrow will depend on your retirement income.  Assuming your retirement income meets lending requirements, we can help you hitch up your dream van in just a few days!

I’ve seen a caravan I want to buy being sold privately. Can I get finance for a used van?

Yes you can. If you fulfil lending criteria and have your loan approved, the van will be inspected to ensure you’re getting a great deal.  At settlement the loan money will be sent directly to the vendor – so all you’ll have to do is hitch up your van and enjoy your holiday!    

I don’t have a deposit for a caravan, can I apply?

Yes – we can provide 100% caravan finance for approved applicants.

Can I pay off my caravan loan sooner?

If you think you may be able to pay off your loan more quickly in the future, your Savvy consultant will find you a flexible loan so if your financial circumstances do change, you’ll be able to pay off your loan sooner and potentially save dollars in interest payments.

I’m wanting to buy a caravan to be used for my business. Is this possible?

Yes! We can arrange highly competitive business caravan finance options including chattel mortgages, hire purchases and leasing options which may offer tax advantages to businesses.

To be eligible for a business caravan mortgage, there must be clear proof the van will genuinely be used for the stated business purpose.

Example: Stephen owns a large sheep station in the south-west of Victoria. He has three shearing sheds on his property. During August and September, he uses his two caravans to accommodate his casual shearers who need somewhere nearby to sleep after 10 hours shearing sheep. Since Stephen was able to demonstrate the use of his caravans was purely to accommodate casual seasonal employees, his loan application to purchase a replacement four-bed caravan was approved within 24 hours.

I want to finance a “glam” caravan, is that possible?

Of course – we finance glam caravans, retro “traditional” caravans, fifth-wheelers, pop-tops and wind-outs.

I have bad credit but I need a caravan, is that option available?

Yes – we’ve helped many Australians with bad credit get into a caravan that suits their budget.