What your paint colour says about you

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:43 am by Bill Tsouvalas

The colours in your home mirror the deepest traits of your personality. Take a moment and look around the colours surrounding you. Home decor is not just a simple matter of aesthetics, but on a deeper level reflects your character’s features. Keep on reading to discover the hidden meanings the colours in your home embody.

Temperate, smooth shades

If the colours that surround you are temperate shades of yellow, orange or light red, this indicates that your personality is joyful and friendly. You are sociable and always open to making new friends. The warmth associated with these shades grants a more intimate, cosy vibe to the room.

Stronger shades of colour

The colourful effect of strong shades of yellow or orange for instance may pinpoint that your personality is equally positive and energising. Such a room will provide a friendly, open atmosphere. However, a bright colour should always be combined with softer shades of grey or blue, to diminish the temperature of the room and obtain a nice balance.

Greenish, soft shades

We tend to associate colours with nature. For instance, a soft greenish colour may recall the calmness of a meadow. Light shades of green are believed to present a soothing effect, being very relaxing for the eyes. A soft green is a great choice for your living room for instance. Consider pairing it with white or beige furniture and a hint of colour for the best authentic result.

Bluish tones

If you feel attracted to beautiful tones of blue, that means your home is the realm of calmness. Blue indicates a rather introvert personality, more inclined towards meditation and silence. A cool shade of blue may evoke the beauty and stillness of the sky. The best way to combine different bluish tones is by pairing colourful pieces of furniture, to prevent your room from presenting a distant, rather cold vibe.

Jewel hues

If you lean towards jewel-like shades such as ruby, emerald, topaz or amethyst, you are the kind of person who is not afraid to express himself/herself. You are creative, authentic and never ordinary. You are outgoing and the distinct design of your home mirrors this. Jewel-like hues create intimate, beautiful rooms, which bring cosiness to the focus. To create a balanced atmosphere, you shouldn’t opt for jewel tones in your bedroom or kitchen, as they can be too strong for these spaces. Also, you might consider teaming these beautiful jewel shades with soft, neutral colours for the best effect.

Neutral tones

If you chose to paint your home in neutral colours, that indicates that you are a practical person. Neutral tones embody feelings of permanence and durability. You can never go wrong with a neutral tone. However, to revitalise such a room, you can consider opting for colourful accessories and art pieces that will make your space interesting and one-of-a-kind, mirroring your personality. You can also get creative and include different textures and mirror surfaces for a unique result. Moreover, contrasting accessories in bold colours – gold, silver, red – will grant your space a stunning vibe.

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