What to look for in a car that is suitable for a newbie driver

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 11:05 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Your teenager could be celebrating their move out of the ‘L plate’ license into the ‘P plate’ license which means more freedom for them, but don’t let it become more worrying for you. Choosing a car that is suitable for a newbie driver should be affordable and easy for them to use. Even if they are still learning how to drive these are the few things you should look for in a car that will be suitable for their driving experience.

Get a car that is easy to drive

Most teens might envision something snazzy with the latest in car technology when you mention that they will be getting a car, but at the end of the day, you want to get them something that will make them spend less time looking down for something and more time keeping their eyes on the road. Features in a car that you can look for is finding a car that has large deep windows that will minimise blind spots. A light steering wheel will also help them become better at parking.

Size does matter

When buying a car, you need to keep in mind how a newbie driver will be able to manoeuvre it during driving and parking. You might be thinking of passing the family car down to your teen, but these are mostly large vehicles that can make it hard for it not to get bumps and scratches, especially for someone who is still learning how to drive. Get a car that will be easy for them to manoeuvre through tight spaces and will help them surpass the fear of parallel parking.

The price tag

When buying a car, you want to get something that is affordable and won’t break the bank. Whether you are financing the car yourself or purchasing it through a car loan you still have to consider the overall costs. This will include things such as; car insurance, which increases with the price tag of the car, running costs and repairs. Car insurers will quote your car based on a few things such as its make, model and to ensure that should anything happen to it, it will be covered accordingly. A cheaper car is more likely to attract an affordable bill.

Although it could be cheap, it needs to be safe

Having a car that is approved by the Australian New Car Assessment Program will give you peace of mind that should your teen be involved in a crash the car that they are in will protect them. Statistics reveal that 33% of teen drivers are most likely to be involved in a crash after 12 months of driving. You can find small cars on their site that come with the highest rating of safety to have peace of mind every time they grab their keys for a night out. The more stars that the car the better it is. If the car you are planning to buy is not in the system you can look for these basic car features that any car should have:

  • Anti-lock braking which will prevent the wheels from locking up and the wheels skidding from hard braking.
  • Electronic stability control which will detect and reduce the loss of traction and improve the vehicle’s stability.
  • A shatterproof glass that will protect both the driver and their occupants in case of a crash.

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