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Compare Travel Insurance Quotes in 30 Seconds

An Australian holiday can be an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re itching to soak up our breathtaking vistas or experience the culture of our capital cities, visitors’ travel insurance can give you peace of mind and help make your trip Down Under a magical one.

If you’re tossing up who to choose, Savvy can help. Completing a quick comparison with us allows you to weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of each provider and their respective policies, which means saving time and money on endless searches and guesswork. Start comparing with Savvy today and find your perfect policy today.

What is visitors’ travel insurance and how does it work?

Visitors' travel insurance, or inbound travel insurance, is a type of coverage non-residents and tourists coming from overseas can purchase from Australian insurers which cover them for a short stay in Australia. You can take out this specific type of policy if you're visiting on holiday or working in the country temporarily.

Visitors’ travel insurance provides you cover for any medical treatment, cancellation or delay expenses and a range of other incidentals. People who purchase one of these policies must be a non-resident of Australia who is travelling exclusively within the country.

This type of coverage can cover you if you’re stopping over in Australia on your way to another holiday destination, as long as the majority of your trip is spent here. For example, if you’re arriving in Australia from the USA but also travelling to India, this may be suitable for you.

What does visitors' travel insurance cover?

Visitors’ travel insurance affords you a range of benefits while you’re holidaying within Australia. When you purchase one of these policies, you’ll be afforded around-the-clock support in the event you’re in an emergency and need your insurer’s support. Some of the other benefits for tourists in Australia with travel insurance include:

  1. Medical or hospital expenses: You’re granted unlimited coverage for any health treatment you require while you’re in Australia if it’s as a result of a covered event. This includes the cost of any hospital stays, ambulances and medication needed while on your travels.
  2. Emergency dental: If you break a tooth while you’re criss-crossing Australia, you can claim the cost of visiting a dentist up to your claim limit.
  3. Cancellation: When you’re too sick to travel, your insurer allows you to claim back any pre-paid non-refundable expenses such as accommodation, tours and flights on your travel insurance. Most insurers also cover you if a close relative becomes sick and you need to cancel your holiday, such as a parent back in India.
  4. Lost, stolen or damaged luggage: If your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged during transit or your travels, you can claim back the costs of replacing what you’ve lost up to your agreed claim limit.
  5. Delayed flights or baggage: Your insurance company can cover the cost of clothes and toiletries if your flights and bags are delayed for more than 24 hours while you’re travelling to and from Australia. They can even cover the cost of extra accommodation so you can rest your head while you await your flight.
  6. Accidental death: If you unexpectedly die while you’re visiting Australia due to a covered incident, your insurance covers the cost of repatriating your body and any related funeral costs. Claim limits are usually about $50,000.
  7. Personal liability: Your insurer covers third-party insurance claims if you’re found personally liable for an accident while travelling in Australia. Your policy will have a limit to what you can claim, usually somewhere between $1 million and $5 million.
  8. Theft of cash: If you have money stolen while you’re exploring parts of the country, you can claim up to $250 back through insurance. Most insurers will need to see a police report or relevant statement from authorities if you need to make a claim.
  9. Permanent disability: If you’re involved in an accident which results in your permanent disability, your provider will pay you an agreed amount up to your claim limit.
  10. Rental vehicle excess: Hiring a car can be a handy way to get about parts of Australia. If you’re involved in an accident and need to cover the excess on your rental, your insurer will pick up the tab. These benefits usually have sub-limits of about $5,000.

While the benefits of travel insurance coverage in Australia if you're a tourist are wide-ranging, there are some areas where you won’t be covered. These include:

  1. Accidents caused while intoxicated
  2. Breaking the law, including Australian road rules
  3. Travelling against medical advice
  4. Coming to Australia to seek medical treatment
  5. Travelling with an unapproved pre-existing medical condition
  6. Changing your mind

How else do I compare visitors’ travel insurance?

If you’re planning a trip to Australia, there’s a strong chance you’ll be doing a quick shop around of online travel insurance policies to find one that most suits your trip before you leave home. When you’re comparing companies, it’s essential to consider some important factors which can make up your policy. These should include:


The cost of your travel insurance will vary depending on the provider you choose. Get a quote from a couple of the companies that draw your eye and compare the prices to see which is better for your budget. Finding a visitors’ travel insurance policy which offers the cover you need at the best price may provide you with some more much-needed spending money.


Comparing policies allows you to weigh up the different inclusions and exclusions offered by insurance providers. The cheapest policy may not be the right one for the trip you want to take. By doing this, you’ll be able to find a policy with the perfect blend of benefits for your next holiday.

Claim limits

The amount you can claim if something does happen while you’re travelling in Australia varies depending on your provider and the level of coverage you choose. For example, if you lose your luggage, you may only be able to claim $5,000 through your insurance company, while others may offer up to $15,000 for the same event. Comparing with Savvy will allow you to compare different insurance companies and their limits to ensure you choose a set which satisfies you.


If you have to make a claim while you’re touring Australia, you will likely have to pay an out-of-pocket cost known as an excess. These range from between $100 and $250, depending on who your provider is. Certain providers won’t make you pay anything if you need to file a claim. Comparing with Savvy will help you find a policy offering the excess you’re looking for.

Available policies

Most companies offer a broad range of travel insurance policies tailored to families, frequent flyers and groups. Some allow you to add up to 25 people to the same policy, which can save you money if you divide the cost between your group of travellers. Doing your homework and shopping around allows you to find a policy that’s best suited to the type of traveller you are.

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Frequently asked visitors' travel insurance questions

Do I need a visa to visit Australia?

Yes – you must have a valid passport, visa and passenger card to enter Australia from overseas. If you’re arriving from New Zealand, you can purchase a visa upon entry to the country, but if you’re coming from any other country you will need to have organised your visa before you leave.

Do visitors' travel insurance policies cover pre-existing conditions?

Most insurance providers will offer automatic coverage for a range of pre-existing medical conditions, such as asthma or certain types of diabetes. However, some more serious conditions that won’t be automatically covered and may cost extra include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Certain types of diabetes
  • Lung disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Any condition requiring surgery in the past one to two years


It's best to check with your provider's Product Disclosure Statement to see whether your visitors’ travel insurance covers your pre-existing health condition.

Can I buy a visitors’ travel insurance policy if I’m a senior?

Yes – most insurers impose age limits on these policies, which can vary depending on who you choose to purchase your policy through. Certain insurers won't let you take out a policy if you're over 65 or 70 years old, while others may set this cut-off at 81.

How do I get a quote for visitors’ travel insurance in Australia?

Getting an online quote is relatively straightforward with most travel insurance providers. To get a quote, you'll usually have to provide an insurer with the following:

  • Destinations you're travelling to
  • Your departure and return dates
  • The names and birthdays of all travellers
  • Whether you've been vaccinated for COVID-19
  • If you need any extra coverage (ski insurance or motorcycle coverage)


Once you have your quote, you can purchase the policy if you decide that it's right for you. You can do this directly through Savvy today.

Should I buy travel insurance in my home country instead?

You may wish to consider purchasing coverage in your home country if you aren’t spending the majority of your holiday in Australia. Visitors’ travel insurance only covers you if most of your time is spent here. For example, if you’re travelling to New Zealand from the USA, but have a brief detour to Australia, visitors’ insurance won’t be of much use.

Do I need proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter Australia?

No – the Australian Government doesn't require you to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination if you're entering Australia from overseas.

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