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, updated on June 26th, 2023       

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For almost 40 years, Cover-More Travel Insurance has been offering protection for domestic or international travellers through its comprehensive selection of policies. Headquartered in Sydney, it’s one of the largest insurers in Australia, with more than a 40% share of the country’s market.

If you're wondering how Cover-More's travel insurance policies stack up against their competitors, Savvy can help. By comparing with us, you can weigh up the pros and cons of Cover-More's policies. This helps you find the best travel insurance policy for your holiday, whether you're planning to visit the outback of Australia or hop from island to island in Greece.

Letting us help you with the decision-making process will give you the right policy for your holiday today.

*Please note that Savvy does not represent Cover-More for its insurance products.

More about Cover-More travel insurance

What travel insurance policies does Cover-More offer?

As any well-travelled globe-trotter will tell you, no two travel insurance products are the same. Every provider and their respective policies offer a different range of inclusions, exclusions and claim limits, making comparing with Savvy essential when you’re doing your homework before you jet off.

Cover-More has three different products for both international and domestic trips, ranging from cheaper basic options to more expensive and comprehensive policies. These include:

  • International comprehensive: this policy includes cover for overseas medical expenses, cancellation, luggage and the excess on a rental car. The claim limits are also greater under this policy option, especially across the areas of travel delays, missed connections and loss of income.
  • International comprehensive plus: Cover-More's broadest policy, this top-tier cover gives you the same level of protection as the comprehensive policy but offers greater claim limits. For example, while the standard comprehensive policy allows you to claim $250 for stolen money, this policy allows you to get back up to $500.
  • International basic: this policy provides customers with the bare necessities when they’re travelling, primarily focusing on unlimited overseas medical expense coverage. Unlike the other policies, this is only available for single-trip insurance.
  • Domestic comprehensive: this level of cover provides you with protection for cancellation and delays, plus the loss or damage of your luggage, some valuables and the excess on a hire car. The claim limits are also more generous than those offered on the basic plan.
  • Domestic comprehensive plus: Cover-More's most extensive domestic policy, this provides all the same coverage as the comprehensive option but with greater claim limits. For example, if your luggage is delayed, you can claim up to $1,500 compared to standard comprehensive, which only lets you claim $1,100.
  • Domestic basic: when comparing domestic travel insurance, you’ll find that this type of travel insurance provides limited cover for cancellations or delays and personal liability. If you’re chasing cover for your luggage or valuables, you’ll more than likely have to pay extra.
International Basic International Comprehensive International Comprehensive + Domestic Basic Domestic Comprehensive Domestic Comprehensive +
Overseas medical
Luggage/personal items
Personal liability
$2.5 million
$2.5 million
$5 million
$1 million
$2.5 million
$5 million
Rental vehicle excess
Loss of income
Travel delays

What optional extras are available through Cover-More?

While some travel insurance policies do seem extensive, they won’t cover you for absolutely everything on your international or domestic holiday. As such, Cover-More requires you to pay extra for the following:

  • Cruise cover: if you’re cruising through Australian waters or international oceans, you'll need to purchase cruise cover. This covers the cost of medical expenses onboard your ship, assistance if you need to be medically evacuated or covering for any loss of personal items, such as your mobile phone or luggage.
  • Additional item limits: if you’re taking a brand-new camera or laptop on holiday with you, you may need to pay extra to boost your claimable limit. Cover-More caps the amount you can claim on individual items at $7,000.
  • Adventure activities: whether you’re planning to do a spot of dune buggying or ice fishing, Cover-More requires you to pay extra for coverage when participating in high-risk activities. Some activities which can be included under adventure coverage include speed skating, scuba diving and rowing.
  • Winter sports: if you’re planning to carve up the ski slopes on holiday to Switzerland, Cover-More offers two skiing policies: Snow Sports and Snow Sports Plus. Snow Sports covers you for on-piste snow skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding and heli-skiing. Snow Sports Plus covers you if you’re skiing with a licensed guide.
  • Motorcycle or moped riding: Cover-More offers two levels of cover: one for engine capacities up to 250cc and a higher level of cover with an uncapped engine capacity. Conditions vary between policies, but both require you to be wearing a helmet and not taking part in motocross.

What exclusions should I be aware of when buying travel insurance through Cover-More?

Some of the exclusions on policies offered by Cover-More include:

  • Unapproved pre-existing conditions: Cover-More travel insurance won’t cover you for medical expenses relating to unapproved pre-existing conditions, such as certain types of diabetes, mental illness or health conditions.
  • Complications with your pregnancy: if you’re over 24 weeks pregnant, or if you’ve had prior complications with your pregnancy or are expecting more than one child, you won’t be covered.
  • Not keeping an eye on your belongings: if your bags or personal items are swiped while you’ve got your back turned, Cover-More won’t reimburse you for their replacement.
  • If you’re caught up in civil war: while Cover-More does cover medical expenses and some other costs associated with terrorist attacks, they won’t accept claims resulting from war, revolutions or invasions that impact your destination.
  • If goods are destroyed by customs: Cover-More won’t reimburse the cost of goods found to be hazardous to the Australian environment and subsequently destroyed. For example, your claim will most likely be rejected if timber goods bought on a Bali holiday are destroyed because they are found to contain hazardous insects.
  • Accidents caused by alcohol or drug use: if you sustain an injury due to an accident because you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Cover-More's policies won’t cover any medical treatment you require.
  • Travelling on a private vessel: if you set sail on a private sailing vessel through international waters, Cover-More won’t cover the cost of any medical treatment.

Before you go ahead and purchase your chosen policy, it’s important to consult the Product Disclosure Statement to ensure you get the coverage you need from your insurance. There’s no point taking out travel insurance if it doesn’t cover you for the incidentals you need while you’re on holiday.

What we like about Cover-More travel insurance

What we like

Extensive COVID-19 coverage

Cover-More provides some protection against costs associated with COVID-19, such as medical care received when travelling abroad and policy cancellation or change fees.

Unlimited overseas medical costs

Cover-More offers coverage for medical care and other costs incurred abroad without limits, allowing Australian holidaymakers to put their minds at ease.

High maximum age limits

Cover-More travel insurance policies have a maximum age of 99 years old, compared to many competitors who begin restricting coverage for those over 65.

What we don't like

Limited pregnancy cover

Travellers who are more than 24 weeks pregnant have little coverage, with most policies restricting access to those who are under a certain number of weeks.

Pay extra for cruise cover

While many travel insurance companies provide automatic coverage for cruises, Cover-More requires you to pay extra if you’re needing coverage for an international or domestic cruise.

Lack of coverage for serious health issues

If you’re suffering from a serious pre-existing condition, it may be hard to get coverage through Cover-More for your holiday. For example, if you’ve got a known heart condition, you likely won’t be covered.

Types of travel insurance

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Frequently asked questions about Cover-More travel insurance

How do I make a claim through Cover-More?

Making a claim through Cover-More is relatively easy if you’re doing it online. Once you’ve double-checked with your PDS that the incident you’re claiming for is covered, you can begin to do the following:

  • Enter your first and last name and your policy number
  • Submit documents (receipts, photographs and medical reports)
  • Await a response from your insurance company
  • Provide your bank details to receive your reimbursement
Does Cover-More offer COVID-19 coverage?

Cover-More's international and domestic policies provide coverage for a wide range of COVID-19-related costs if you test positive, including:

  • Overseas medical costs
  • Cancellation, delay and amendments due to COVID-19
  • Any additional expenses incurred

However, they won’t cover you for the following:

  • Border closures, quarantine or lockdowns
  • The purchase of testing equipment
  • Being a close contact if someone you’re travelling with tests positive
  • Cabin confinement related to COVID-19
How much will my travel insurance cost?

When it comes to how much you pay for your travel insurance, there is no ‘average’ cost per se. Instead, the price of your premium depends on several variables which include:

  • Your age
  • How long you’re planning to travel
  • The destinations you’re visiting
  • Whether you suffer from any pre-existing conditions
  • If you need any optional extras, such as cruise or adventure sports cover
  • The travel insurance company you choose and the level of coverage you’re prepared to pay for
What’s the difference between single-trip, multi-trip and one-way travel insurance?

Single-trip travel insurance only covers you for one holiday taken over the space of 12 months. However, multi-trip travel insurance covers you for multiple holidays (sometimes up to 90 travel days in total) over the course of a year. One-way travel insurance covers your holiday for up to 12 months if you don’t have a return ticket booked, and there’s the ability to extend this coverage by another 12 months.

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