Towing Capacity of SUVs Available in Australia  

A closer look at the towing capacity of Australian leading brand SUV and 4WD vehicles

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One of the most frequently asked questions at dealerships and in second-hand sales of SUVs is, “how much can it tow?”

  • The towing capacity of some SUV models varies across years
  • Ford Ranger has the highest potential towing capacity at 3,500kg
  • Upper limit capacity is for caravans and trailers with brakes
  • Determines what types of camper trailer, caravan, or trailer an SUV can accommodate
A new orange 4-wheel drive twin cab ute towing a white caravan in the Australian outback

Towing capacity of SUVs is a leading factor in deciding which SUV to own for adventurous Australian holidaymakers. Towing capacity determines what types of camper trailer, caravan, or trailer a SUV can accommodate while driving. Knowing your towing capacity can help you pin down an SUV that’s right for your existing recreational vehicle; or assist in getting the right match if you’re in the market for both.

To make things easier, we’ve put together the towing capacities of some of Australia’s leading SUVs so you can make a clear decision.

What is the towing capacity of Australian SUVs? Savvy investigates the towing capacity of some of the top brands to help you decide on which SUV is right for your lifestyle.

Infographic - Towing Capacity of Popular SUVs in Australia 

SUV Towing Capacity at a Glance

NOTE: All figures presented are the SUV braked towing capacity. This indicates braking on both wheels on at least one axle of the towed load. The maximum load for any vehicle without using trailer brakes is 750kg, if rated to tow that amount initially. All models presented below are the latest available models.

Toyota Prado Towing Capacity

  • The 2022 model of Toyota Prado has a braked towing capacity of 3,000kg.
  • Prior to 2020, Toyota Prado models have a braked towing capacity of 2,500kg.
  • The Prado was introduced into the Australian market in 1996, replacing the 4Runner.
  • The Kakadu edition is the top-of-the-line model, including leather accented seats, adaptive variable suspension, and a 9” entertainment screen with three wireless headsets.

Toyota Kluger Towing Capacity

  • The 2022 model of Toyota Kluger has a braked towing capacity of 2,000kg.
  • The maximum load of the Toyota Kluger without using trailer brakes is 750kg.
  • The Toyota Kluger is also known as the Toyota Highlander.
  • Models released prior to 2007 have a braked towing capacity of 1,500kg.
Towing capacity of popular SUVs and 4 wheel-drives in Australia

Ford Everest Towing Capacity

  • The Ford Everest have two transmission variants that vary the towing capacity.
  • The 10 speed Sportshift variant has a towing capacity of up to 3,100kg, while the 6-speed automatic has a capacity of 3,000kg.
  • Prior to 2017, all variants of the Everest had a towing capacity of 3,000kg.
  • The 3.2L five-cylinder turbo-diesel Everest can complete the 0-100km/h dash in approximately 9.8 seconds.

Ford Ranger Towing Capacity

  • The Ford Ranger has many variants including Dual Cab, Single Cab, and Extra Cab models.
  • Most Ford Ranger models can tow up to 3,500kg, with select models able to tow 2,500kg.
  • Despite coming in various engine configurations such as 10 speed or six-speed automatic or manual, all Rangers are diesel driven.
  • The Ford Ranger’s maximum capacities prior to 2011 were 2,250kg and 3,000kg at the high end.

Mitsubishi Outlander Towing Capacity

  • The Mitsubishi Outlander has two variants: one with continuous variable transmission and a one speed automatic.
  • The CVT variant can tow 1,600kg while the automatic variant can tow 1,500kg.
  • From 2021 to 2012, the maximum capacity for the Outlander was 2,000kg.
  • Models manufactured before 2006 have a uniform towing capacity of 1,200kg.

Nissan X-Trail Towing Capacity

  • The Nissan X-Trail has a uniform braked towing capacity of 1,500kg across all models.
  • From 2020-2021, the X-Trail had a towing capacity of 1,650kg.
  • From 2018-2019 the capacity was 1,500kg.
  • Prior to 2018, all models had a total braked capacity of 2,000kg, 500kg higher when compared with current models.

Toyota RAV4 Towing Capacity

  • The Toyota RAV4 “baby” SUV profile supports a braked towing capacity of up to 1,500kg.
  • Smaller models may have capacities ranging from 480kg to 800kg.
  • Interestingly the RAV4 cruiser petrol only variant has a towing capacity of 800kg, compared to 1,500kg on the Hybrid model.
  • From 2007 to 2013, the highest supported towing capacity on the RAV4 was 1,900kg.

Ford Territory Towing Capacity

  • The Ford Territory towing capacity maxes out at 2,700kg with a bottom end of 2,300kg.
  • Three of the four six-speed automatic diesel models support the maximum 2,700kg of towing capacity.
  • Prior to 2010, all Ford Territory models had a towing capacity of 2,300kg.
  • The Ford Territory is also available in 2WD or all-wheel drive versions.

Kia Sorento Towing Capacity

  • The Kia Sorento braked towing capacity ranges from 1,350kg to 2,000kg.
  • From 2013 to 2021, the towing capacity of the Sorento was the same across the board: 2,000kg.
  • From 2006 to 2009, the towing capacity was a generous 2,800kg, dropping to 2,500kg from 2010-2012.
  • The 7-Seat Hybrid Electric 6-speed Sports-Matic All/Four Wheel Drive variant has a towing capacity of 1,650kg.

Subaru Forester Towing Capacity

  • The 2022 Subaru Forester SUV has a maximum towing capacity of 1,800kg.
  • The Hybrid variant (All Wheel Drive) has a maximum towing capacity of 1,200kg.
  • Maximum towing capacities for the Forester fluctuate wildly: In 2019, the max was 1,500kg, and jumped to 1,800kg from 2020.
  • Prior to 2019, the max was 1,800kg. 2009’s model was 1,400kg, followed by three years of 1,600kg max capacities. (2010-12)


Bill Tsouvalas, CEO of Savvy and SUV expert says that going for the extra towing capacity when buying a new SUV can open up more opportunities for towing caravans and camper trailers as your tastes change or your budget increases. 

Bill Tsouvalas, Savvy Managing Director & personal finance expert;

“Having the extra towing capacity means you aren’t limited to a smaller camper trailer. If you are looking to expand your family and upgrade your holiday recreational vehicle while you’re at it, you won’t have to scramble to find the funds for both a new caravan and a new SUV.

“An SUV with a high towing capacity can be a good investment not only for family holidays, but for tradespeople who want something that’s all purpose instead of single purpose, such as a ute for example.”

Remember to check prior model towing capacity

Though websites and information resources may display the maximum braked towing capacity of a given SUV, model variants (e.g., hybrid electrics, constant variable transmission, larger capacity engines etc.) may have different power output and therefore towing capacities. The size of the engine and capabilities of each model should be taken into consideration when making a new or second hand purchase, as these can affect the eventual cost of running the vehicle

Simply because one year’s model supports a given weight does not necessarily mean it will support it the next year. Always check with the manufacturer when buying used SUVs if you require a certain towing capacity.

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