Top 5 things women notice about your car

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:11 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Guys have a not-so-secret passion for cars. Girls do too, but in a different way to men. Some girls are as petrolheaded as boys: Danica Patrick regularly bests the men on the NASCAR racetrack. Men may look for performance, prestige and looks in another person’s car. But what are the top 5 things women notice about your car?

1. Colour

Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova in an interview for says that colour is the most important thing that she, and many other women, notice about other’s cars. Flashy colours on modest cars may not quite work, and beige is definitely a turn off. Colours sometimes have to match certain moods and a car is no different.

2.  Organisation

Do you have a messy car? Women will notice it straight away. Dirty outsides means you just don’t care enough about presentation. A cluttered interior is sign of a cluttered mind. No one wants to step inside a moving tip. 

3. Practicality

If you’re driving around a 2-seater sports car, it’s like a big flashing red light. Are you just a vain rev-head who only thinks about himself? A car with generous amounts of room or seats for friends and family is something women will more than often notice. Think of it as a modern take on chivalry.

4.  The brand

Women notice the brand of your car and the prestige it may or may not bring. Even if you’re not a car-minded, most people can name the top car brands and what makes them appealing. A brand that represents good quality and style is something women always notice.

5. Safety

If your car is a death trap, women will – and should – run a mile. A car with good safety features, airbags and a driver who keeps a level head on the road is something that your girlfriend or partner will not only notice, but treasure.

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