Top 5 budget cars in Australia

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:44 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Given the ever-increasing competition in the car industry, the market offers a wide range of affordable choices. Thus, if you’re in search of purchasing an economical vehicle, just keep on reading this article, and you’ll certainly find your best pick!

Suzuki Alto Hatchback

It’s the third year in a row when Suzuki Alto Hatchback manages to preserve its supremacy in the annual top carried out by the Australian Automobile Association. The research is developed taking into account major factors including the appreciative purchasing costs, the costs of car service and maintenance, an approximate cost per km, week and year. Suzuki Alto Hatchback’s price range starts from $ 11,990. Taking into account the mentioned indicators, it’s no surprise that Suzuki Alto Hatchback is expected to cost $6237 per year to function, or more accurately, $120 per week.

Holden Cruze Equipe

Holden Cruze Equipe – the small car produced in Australia – has had its features significantly improved. Even though the characteristics of this vehicle are not dazzling, it’s an affordable and practical acquisition. Holden Cruze Equipe is estimated to involve the unprecedented cost of $8459 per year and $162 per week.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris is considered one of the most economical vehicle choices in Australia, thanks to The Free Trade Agreement with Japan. For the appreciative costs of $7280 per year and $140 per week, it’s one of the best choices, especially for urban drivers. It encompasses the standard reverse-view camera, which can come in quite handy especially when parking in narrow spaces, providing the driver with increased visibility.

Even though it’s a more suitable choice for urban drivers, this vehicle is also equipped with cruise control, which is a welcome improvement if you wish to hit the road and take a trip. It comes with great features at a great price.

Mazda 2

Mazda 2 is a positive choice for its size and price. It’s comfortable and easy to drive especially around the town. It presents the estimative costs of $7549 per year and $145 per week, and it is equipped with an engine that provides peak power at 6000rpm. Moreover, it presents accurate steering, being the perfect choice for driving during traffic gaps.

Not being equipped with parking sensors, you may opt for installing them for an extra sum of $599. This might come in utterly useful especially when you have to park your car in quite a crowded space. It doesn’t offer enough space rear. Thus, it’s a suitable choice for town drivers in particular.

Toyota Corolla

Last year’s top seller – Toyota Corolla – is one of the most affordable vehicles in the small-car category. The costs it includes per year are $8788, and per week $169. Its price is directly proportional to its specifications and performance. It offers a quiet, smooth ride, providing comfortable transportation. Toyota Corolla comes with maximum fuel efficiency and high engine performance, providing you and your family with an impressive safety set.

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