Weekend Loans

Small cash loans to help cover the weekend’s expenses.

Weekend Loans

A small cash loan between $300-$5,000 from Savvy can help.

A loan to bridge the weekend Gap

Sometimes an unexpected bill or expense can wipe out our weekend plans in an instant. That’s why a weekend loan can help bridge the gap between the weekend and pay day. Weekend loans are short-term finance options allowing you to borrow from $300 to $5,000 and have the money transferred into your account before the weekend starts. People have used weekend loans to pay for concert tickets, a quick getaway, or unexpected and urgent expenses while avoiding big fees on cash advances or credit card purchases.


Fast, secure, and easy finance solutions

Savvy is one of Australia’s leading providers of small cash loans and weekend loans. You can apply for a weekend loan using our secure online application system at any time, and you’ll get a result within 60 seconds. Using the New Payment Platform, cash will arrive in your bank account almost instantly (if your account is NPP enabled). Worried about bad credit? Savvy works with lenders to get approval for bad credit applicants. We provide all our fees up front, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Why choose Savvy?

Savvy offers instant approvals for your weekend loan with flexible repayments.

How to apply for a weekend loan?

Need a small instant loan? Here’s how you can get cash fast

Frequently asked questions on cash loans

Find out answers to the most common cash loan questions.

What is a weekend loan?
A weekend loan is a small cash loan that allows you to access funds for weekend activities such as last-minute getaways, concert tickets, adventures, and more. You can also use it to cover urgent expenses such as car repairs, sudden medical bills, emergency travel, and other payments that you need to make but cannot cover in a hurry.
How much can I borrow?
Eligible customers may borrow as little as $300 to $5,000.
What is the New Payments Platform?
The New Payments Platform or NPP is an industry standard method for instant payments of small cash amounts from one bank account into another. Bank transfers in the old system may take from 24-72 hours, while NPP makes transfers in a matter of minutes. In Australia, PayID and Osko perform NPP services.
What is a small loan?
A small loan is a type of personal loan that is smaller than traditional personal loans. These may range from as little as $500 up to $5,000. Small loans have shorter terms than personal loans – a minimum of three months up to 24 months.
How much does a weekend loan cost in terms of interest?
Most weekend loans have a fee structure as follows: a 20% establishment fee and a monthly fee of 4% for sums up to $2,000. We always tell you your obligations and fees up front, so there are never any surprises.
How do I pay off my weekend loan?
You can choose a direct debit or an alternative method through our online application system.
Who can apply for a weekend loan?
People over the age of 18, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, been receiving regular income for at least 90 days into a NPP enabled bank account and have an active email and/or mobile number.
What if I have bad credit? Can I get approved?
Yes. Our system is geared toward finding finance solutions for customers with bad credit.
I’m on Centrelink payments, can I apply?
Yes, we have helped many people on Centrelink benefits find a suitable weekend loan.
How long does it take to apply?
It only takes a few minutes – you can use any internet enabled device with a modern web browser.

Your guide to weekend cash loans

A comprehensive overview to small cash loans and more

Should I use cash advance from my credit card?

If you have a credit card, you have an option to take out a cash advance from participating ATMs. However, cash advances can end up costing you more long-term. A cash advance will usually attract a significant cash advance fee; will not have interest free days, and have its own higher than normal interest rate – sometimes over 25% p.a. If you do not pay off the entire cash advance immediately, it can lead to more interest owing over time. A weekend loan is a set amount with a fixed term, so every payment you make guarantees you are closer to a zero balance.


What can I use a weekend loan for?

Weekend cash loans are often used when your finances have been tied up with unexpected bills or urgent purchases such as car repair, appliance replacement, or medical bills, leaving you without funds for enjoying the weekend. Thanks to the New Payment Platform, customers can now get cash transferred into their bank account immediately instead of waiting one to two business days like traditional bank transfers. People often take out a weekend loan to buy last-minute concert tickets, accommodation, travel, or taking the family out to an adventure park or special occasion. It’s up to you and your needs.


How long do I have to pay off a weekend loan?

Weekend loans are small cash loans and have flexible payment terms ranging from a few weeks all the way up to two years. For smaller loans up to $1,000, you may choose to pay back your weekend loan in as little as a couple of weeks as your regular income comes in, or over a period as long as 12-months. For higher amounts over $1,000, you can select longer periods up to 24 months. Remember; longer loan terms mean paying more in interest. Be sure to select a loan term that suits your financial needs.


What are my chances of approval with bad credit?

Weekend loans are a quick and easy solution to access cash fast when you need it. As responsible lenders, we ensure people can gain equitable access to small finance and be better off financially. As part of our obligations to you, we may refuse loans to people who would have difficulties paying off the loan. We don’t believe in refusing people with bad credit or on pension benefits due to their status; we look at their ability to pay back the loan based on many other factors. Feel free to apply using our secure online application system.