Must have car features for a first-time driver

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:12 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Seeing your loved one graduate into a learner driver can be a proud moment. The next thing is to purchase a car that can give them that release of freedom, but before you purchase a car it is important to choose a car that comes with suitable features for a newbie driver. Here is a list of features to consider.

1. Does it have some nifty features?

There are some handy features that are built into cars that can help newbie drivers to make driving on their own less daunting. Features such as Automatic Emergency Braking has become one of the standardised features that come with cars. You can also check if the car comes with electronic stability control (ESC) for control, curtain airbags for side head protection. You can get high-end technology features with more high-end cars. Safety features in the car also help decrease the premiums on your car insurance.

2. Rear cameras

Newbie drivers may be still be trying to manage reverse parking without damaging things. Many new model cars come with reverse cameras that can give you a clear view of your rear. This can also come in handy when it comes to conquering the fear of parallel parking that 59% of Australians face. Such features can come in handy for large vehicles.

3. Driver detection features

This is can be a nifty feature to have in your car which is basically designed to analyse the driver’s characteristics and detect signs of fatigue e.g. drowsiness or inattention. According to the Transport Accident Commision, 20% of accidents were caused by fatigue costing Australians $3 billion every year. What happens when this feature kicks in is that it warns the driver to take a break if these warnings are ignored the system will automatically take control over the vehicle to reduce the chances of an accident from happening. This will have to be checked with the manufacturer as this can differ from car to car.

4. Navigation friendly vehicles

Having a car that already has an integrated GPS system to help a new driver navigate their way around more effectively without the stress can be a blessing in disguise. You can also purchase a car that comes with hands-free features where a phone can be placed and used for navigation and the answering of calls. This can help boost the driver’s confidence.

5. Safety belt features

Choosing a car that is known for quality seat belts is vital as this is the first line of defense for occupants in the car. Check to see if the car has a seatbelt pretensioners that instantly retract the belts to take up slack during a frontal impact. A helpful guide when purchasing a car for a newbie driver is to read up on reviews for a car that you are interested in and pay attention to its performance rating on the road.

6. Blindspot Warning System

Changing lanes, especially on a busy street can be daunting. Blind Spot Warning technology can warn the driver of vehicles that may not be detected due to it being on the blind spot of your car. This can come in handy when you need to know when it is safe to change lanes or not.

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