Say yes to bad credit leisure loans

Savvy helps you buy leisure vehicles with confidence

Don’t feel left out

Considering buying a jet-ski, caravan, camper-trailer, or leisure vehicle but feel bad credit is holding you back? At Savvy, we don’t believe in FOMO. We provide dozens of Australians just like you with competitive and affordable loans for all types of leisure vehicles.

Trust Savvy’s top rated and friendly consultants to help you secure a leisure craft loan approval – 9 out of 10 applicants are approved. Whether you’re looking for a motorhome, recreational vehicle (RVs), trailer or other equipment to help you on your next holiday, we can help you find a loan tailored to your situation.

We understand that buying a leisure vehicle is an investment in your family’s recreation. Staying in caravans means spending less on hotels; buying a jet-ski means never having to rent, or even time-sharing your own investment to help cover repayments. With all this in mind, we don’t want any Australian to miss out on a great holiday now, and for years to come.

Bad credit? We say yes

Many people are put off from looking for leisure vehicle loans as they’re afraid they’ll be rejected, or have to pay huge interest rates if they are approved.

Savvy understands the frustration of having a bad credit history, even if you have made recent efforts to pay down debts or correct your credit. Credit histories can take as long as seven years to clear. Of course, many of us can’t wait that long.

By searching for loans from over 25 lenders, our consultants work hard to ensure approval for as many bad credit applicants as possible.

Whether you are in the market for a jet-ski, RV, caravan, camper trailer or similar leisure vehicle, Savvy consultants can help. You can get a free quote online in minutes, or work out your budget using one of our complimentary leisure finance loan calculators. Ask one of your personal loan consultants for assistance in gathering documents, pre-approval, and after-sales service.

Sure-fire ways we can help with bad credit leisure finance

Looking for an RV, caravan, jet-ski, boat, or something else to take you on holiday? We offer competitive rates, even with customers with bad credit

More approvals
Other lenders may say no. But we look at your situation with an objective eye and say yes more often.
More choices
New, used, private sale or dealer sale – we pre-approve loans for all types of leisure craft, subject to approval.
Better service
You get a dedicated consultant to help you through every step of the leisure finance process.
Tailored loans
We know everyone is different, and has different needs. That’s why we tailor loans to you.
Real talk
No sugar coating, no fussing about. We give you an honest assessment of your eligibility and final terms.
Quick pre-approval
Need pre-approval to speed up the negotiation process? We pre-approve loans fast.