Is your car warranty worth its salt?

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 02:53 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

A cars warranty is a manufacturer promise to you that they will cover your car for defects or repairs within the set period of time. This can save you from footing the bill for repairs. However, not all car warranties are created the same. Here is what you can check to know if it is worth its salt.

Car warranty worth its salt

Read the fine print

There are various car models on the market that have warranties that can cover you from 3 years up to 7 years. This may seem great at first glance, but it is important to check the terms that come with the warranty to avoid disappointment. Check the fine print of what the warranty does and does not cover to prepare yourself. You may also want to look into taking out an extended warranty, but it is important to check the financial implications.

Weigh the benefits of your warranty

When it comes to comparing if your warranty is worth its salt, you can check the benefits its offers. One of these benefits that come with it is that your manufacturer will use genuine parts that will not compromise the quality of the car. Furthermore, they will used qualify technicians to carry out repairs. You will not have to fork out any fees for this warranty as this is already built into the price tag.

Check if the things that matter to you the most are covered

A car warranty may be designed to protect you from an array of expenses, but you may find that not everything will be covered. Having a checklist of what you want in a car. This also includes electronics, seat covers, wheels and more. It can make it easier for you to scan the warranty to see what will be covered and what won’t be.

Be aware of the service conditions

One of the conditions that come with a manufacturer’s warranty is that it will only be valid for a set period and distance. For example, you might get a car that comes with a 5year warranty that covers you for up to 100,00 km. If you exceed this limit, you may forfeit your warranty. If you know you will be driving further than 100,000 km, it is important to get a warranty that will adequately cover the distance.

Final considerations

To know if your warranty is up to scratch it is important to compare and weigh its features. If you are planning on adding extended warranty, check to see if the cost is worth it. You also have to keep a detail book on the servicing of your car to show that the defect or repairs that are needed were not caused by your wrong doing.