Full stack of insurance products such as car insurance, tyre & rim, comprehensive, life and income protection insurance


Savvy provides Australians with all types of insurance to protect you and your family

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There are over 13 million registered vehicles on the road in Australia according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Over 70% of people drive cars to work. The cost of all road crashes in Australia reaches a staggering $27 billion every year.

Are you protected? Make sure you drive safely and with confidence and insure your car with Savvy.

We offer a complete range of insurance options to suit all needs. We offer comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for people all over Australia.

A range of insurance options

Savvy provides Australians with all types of insurance to protect you and your family.

We offer a comprehensive suite of coverage, including life insurance, trauma insurance, income protection insurance and a whole lot more.

We hold accreditation with several major insurers in the country. Our insurance professionals are on call to help you find a level of cover that’s affordable and a real help when it comes time to claim.

Some of your insurance questions answered

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What information do I need to provide when applying for car insurance?

You’ll need details about the driver’s history and the make, model and year of your car. You may also need the engine/VIN number. Your insurance professional will guide you through the process.

Can I get a quote first?

Yes! Get a quick quote online before you buy. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

Can I choose my excess and extras?

Yes! With so many different products to choose from, you can set an excess to reduce yearly or monthly repayments and choose extras such as hire cars, emergency accommodation, no claims bonuses and roadside assistance.

I need life insurance. Do I need to get a doctors' certificate?

No – you won’t need to spend money on doctors’ visits to apply for life insurance or income protection insurance.

Can I apply for insurance for my business?

Yes! Savvy helps many Australian businesses find the right level of cover for their assets, employees and business operations. Find out more and call us today.

What is GAP insurance?

GAP insurance covers the shortfall between insurance payouts and your loan obligations. If your agreed value falls below your outstanding loan balance, GAP insurance will make sure you can walk away from the accident without owing money out of your own pocket.

What is tyre and rim insurance?

Tyre and rim insurance covers blowouts and damage to your vehicles’ tyres or rims. Comprehensive car insurance does not cover tyre damage in most cases.

What's the difference between a warranty and insurance?

Insurance covers damage to your vehicle and other vehicles (comprehensive car insurance.) A warranty covers mechanical and electrical failures within the car itself, caused by manufacturer defect.

Do you offer green slip (CTP) insurance? (NSW)

Yes, we offer green slip insurance for customers in New South Wales.

Helpful insurance guides

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Is Tyre & Rim Insurance worth it?

You already have comprehensive car insurance, why insure your tyres and rims? The answers are compelling.

Is Car GAP insurance worth it?

Motor Equity Insurance or GAP insurance is a special kind of insurance that ensures peace of mind. Find out more.

Brands you can trust

We are accredited with the most reputable lenders and insurers in Australia giving you a fair choice to compare