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Mortgage brokers help Maroochydore homebuyers find far cheaper home loans with better terms and features. Here’s how.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:42 am by Adrian Edlington

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Mortgage brokers help thousands of homebuyers find a better, cheaper home loan deal. They compare hundreds of mortgages, provide help with applications, and offer the best advice in the industry. Savvy partners with Queensland’s top-rated home loan specialists so more buyers can get the help they need when they buy a new home.

Looking for a more laidback lifestyle with all the amenities you could ever want? Maroochydore used to be one of Queensland’s major tourist resorts, but it’s been reinvented as one of the state’s primary regional centres, servicing a considerable area. The seaside flavour remains and this great town offers a mix of steady employment ranging from industry to hospitality, plus it has the Sunshine Coast’s largest shopping centre at Sunshine Plaza.  

Why do homebuyers use home loan brokers?

Australia’s lender marketplace has changed a lot over the last thirty years. It’s now full of more options than just the major national banks – and it’s a far better place for that. However, not all lenders operate via a branch network, and that’s why the popularity of mortgage brokers has rocketed in recent years.

Mortgage brokers offer access to lenders with fewer overheads than banks, ranging from many different types of non-bank lender to international banks – which increases competition. When you speak to a mortgage broker in Maroochydore, you’ll find a broader spread of options and access to lower interest rates. 

Can a Maroochydore broker help me qualify for a mortgage?

They can, primarily because they’ll take a good look at your aims and current situation before recommending lenders that fit your borrower profile. Brokers take a more comprehensive, longer-term view about where you are and where you want to get. That leads to faster, smoother applications and more sustainable home loan solutions that borrowers are more likely to benefit from for longer.

Not only that, but local mortgage brokers will help you with everything from preparing a successful application to submitting it – and then they’ll chase everything up until your loan gets settled. It saves homebuyers a lot of time and heartbreak.

Mortgage brokers in Maroochydore can help you compare the best owner-occupier home loans available, then offer versatile features like fixed or variable-rate repayments, redraw facilities, and offset accounts to personalise your loan further and maximise your money.

Who can a Maroochydore mortgage broker help?

Just about any homebuyer out there will find more choice and better options when they speak to a local mortgage broker. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking for a low-deposit mortgage or a guarantor home loan, a property investor looking to compare hundreds of specialised investment mortgage options or you want to refinance an existing home loan – a broker can help.

  • First-time buyers in Maroochydore can take advantage of relatively low median prices of just $695,000 for houses and $500,000 for apartments and units. If you’re planning on starting a family, the area has excellent schools.
  • Investors can benefit from the fact that the town has a population of almost 17,000 people and well over a third of its residents (36.6%) live in rented accommodation – which makes for an extremely active rental market. Weekly rents for houses average $540, and apartments bring in $430.

If you need a specialist home loan, a local broker is well placed to search for more options, such as self-employed home loans, mortgages for non-genuine savings, professional package loans, and reverse home loans.

What’s the best way to find an approved mortgage broker in Maroochydore?

The easiest and fastest way to connect with an MFAA or FBAA-approved broker near you is to enquire with Savvy. We only partner with carefully vetted home loan professionals who can demonstrate an excellent record of helping clients save money and time.