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Trying to find a licenced mortgage broker in Liverpool? Look no further than Savvy for MFAA or FBAA approved specialists

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 09:58 am by Adrian Edlington

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Who do mortgage brokers in Liverpool work with?

Looking for a mortgage broker in Liverpool in NSW? You came to the right place. Savvy partners with some of Australia’s best-rated home loan professionals to bring homebuyers more choice, cheaper borrowing, not to mention faster home loan applications.

Liverpool is a significant area on the outskirts of Sydney and one of the oldest settlements in the country – now home to more than 200,000 residents. It’s perhaps not surprising that Liverpool has been a gateway to Australia for years, and that’s reflected in its infrastructure. There’s a major hospital and vast commercial zones, both of which employ thousands of residents, along with all the shopping you could ever want. Liverpudlians come from all over the world, so there’s a multicultural feel to everything in the area. Despite its working-class history, Liverpool is a cultural melting pot with parks that are the envy of other Sydney suburbs and a restaurant scene as diverse as the population itself.

Who do mortgage brokers in Liverpool work with?

The suburb is no different to the broader Australian borrowing economy, as it attracts a broad selection of homebuyers with a differing set of needs, aims, and budgets. Brokers regularly help that diverse population find the ideal home loan product and features because they can compare more lenders.


What specialist mortgages can a Savvy broker access?

If you need a specialist mortgage product, our brokers regularly assist residents with a number of options, including:

  • Home loans with foreign income: Many homebuyers retain investments or still get income from overseas, and local brokers can source a range of solutions if that’s your own case.
  • Self-employed home loans: This option allows homebuyers who run a business or work as a contractor to access low interest rates and a full selection of home loan features.

Can a mortgage broker help me build a new home?

Mortgage brokers are adept at matching the right products and features with homebuyers, and that’s no different if you want to build your own home. Liverpool is currently experiencing yet another boom, with hundreds of developer options available to homebuyers and much vacant land on offer. Depending on precisely how you wish to proceed, there are two primary borrowing options to talk through with a local home loan professional:

  • Vacant land loans allow homebuyers to purchase a block of land at today’s prices, even if they’re not yet ready to go ahead and build a home.
  • House and land packages allow homebuyers to borrow one chunk of money for both land and building a home. The lender releases the funds for your block immediately, and then as the developer proceeds through the build, they release further agreed amounts until your new home is complete.