Mortgage Brokers Cranbourne

How to find a great mortgage broker in Cranbourne. What they do, and how they help you qualify for a better home loan.

Last updated on April 26th, 2022 at 10:13 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Mortgage Brokers Cranbourne

Need a mortgage broker? Savvy partners with the best approved home loan brokers all over Australia to bring borrowers a more local, personalised way of finding the best mortgage for their circumstances, needs and goals. Get expert help with applications, choose from more lenders and products, and maximise your home loan budget by talking with a local home loan specialist.

Why should I use a mortgage broker when buying property?

Mortgage brokers have access to a broad range of banks and both local and national non-bank lenders, so you’re likely to find lower rates than if you confine your search to just one or a few lenders. Talking with a broker can save you thousands while repaying a relatively long-term home loan.

One of the first things a broker will do for the average home buyer is compare owner-occupier mortgages. Then, they’ll combine the most cost-effective solution available with a repayment option that matches the buyer’s requirements which can include:

  • Fixed-rate home loan repayments: Suit home buyers who want a fixed, consistent repayment amount each and every month. They’re easy to plan for, and there are no unwelcome surprises
  • Variable-rate home loan repayments: This option might appeal to home buyers with a bit more room to speculate on the wider property market and economy. If interest rates fall, so will your repayments. When the opposite happens, repayments increase.
  • Split-rate home loan repayments: Are ideal if you want to hedge your bets on a portion of your mortgage repayments but have certainty on the fixed rate part.

What type of buyers do Savvy mortgage brokers help?

Basically, everyone can benefit from talking with a broker. Cranbourne offers a property option for most buyers and budgets. Even though it’s close to the city, the suburb remains extremely affordable.

Median house prices in the area sit just under $550,000, a remarkable figure given trains run directly from the local station to Flinders Street every 20 minutes. The average cost of a unit in the area is just under $400,000. Not all buyers out there are the same, and local mortgage brokers are also used to providing a varied choice of specialist owner-occupier home loans and different mortgage features, including

I want to buy a second home in Cranbourne. Can a mortgage broker find me a relevant home loan option?

Cranbourne is predominantly a family neighbourhood, but has its share of singles and independent professionals, too. That means it has a healthy rental market, so second home owners can expect good results.

There’s an ample supply of houses and units in the neighbourhood with yields and weekly rents that make buying to let worthwhile. Houses fetch up to $400 per week and give a 3.4% yield. Units make well over $300 per week and achieve a healthy rental yield of 4.6%.

Mortgage brokers can help you utilise a comprehensive selection of low-cost specialist investor mortgages, including:

Is talking to a Savvy mortgage broker always worth it?

Pretty much 100% of the time. All of Savvy’s mortgage broker partners are fully licenced by either the MFAA or FBAA. We select local specialists based on their ability and track record for matching products and features to the needs and preferences of specific homebuyers. That means, no matter what your aims as a property owner, talking with a broker is always the best place to start.