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If you’re looking to speak to a mortgage broker, Savvy partners with top-rated home loan professionals in the region. You can find and connect with fully licenced MFAA or FBAA approved home loan brokers just by enquiring here.

Canberra is, of course, the capital city of Australia and is home to an increasing number of Australian families every year. It’s unique in several ways, not least because it’s a fully planned city, having been established in 1913 after the founding of the federation of colonies around 1901. If you’re looking to buy a home in the capital, you’ll be in good company. It’s home to the federal government, Parliament House, Government House and the High Court – with the government being the biggest employer in the region.

Common faqs on mortgage brokers in Canberra

Why should I use a mortgage broker?

During the past few decades, as Australia’s lender marketplace has become more diverse, mortgage brokers have been pivotal in opening up increased access for borrowers all over the country. They can do that by helping homebuyers compare more home loan options, and that’s resulted in interest rates gradually becoming more competitive as lenders vie for business. It all means that borrowers can now benefit from more choice, cheaper costs, and specialised products designed for a number of purposes.

  • Mortgage brokers provide access to non-bank lenders that don’t run expensive branch networks and often provide cheaper interest rates as a result of that. In a recent independent study, about half the home loans arranged via brokers were with lenders other than the country’s big four banks.
  • Mortgage brokers almost invariably get paid by lenders, so it costs borrowers absolutely nothing to use one. They work for commission, and some of that only arrives once you’ve been satisfied with your home loan for several years – so brokers try hard to match you with a product that suits where you are, your plans, and how you want to repay.
  • Mortgage brokers do a lot of work on your behalf beyond just sourcing the most cost-effective home loans out there. They help prepare and submit your application and then stay on the case until your mortgage gets settled. Australian home loan brokers do around 45% of their work before your application starts, with the remainder happening during and after that.

What type of mortgage can a Canberra broker help me find?

Mortgage brokers help all sorts of homebuyers find a better deal and enjoy a faster application. Because they partner with dozens of lenders, they can search hundreds of different home loan solutions and a full selection of features, including: