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Compare finance for your Mitsubishi purchase

Are you looking for car finance to buy a Mitsubishi? Savvy can help. Our brokers can provide you with a range of superb car loan options to help you get behind the wheel of the car you've had your eye on. 

So, no matter if you're looking for a brand-new Lancer straight from the factory showroom, or you know a private seller offering a top condition Magna with great milage, we've got the options and advice to help you get on the road fast! 

Contact us for a quick quote on a car loan, and we'll get you behind the wheel of your new Mitsubishi before you know it.

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Features of getting Mitsubishi finance with Savvy

Interest sure to please

We're partnered with a wide range of Australian lenders who may be able to offer some of the lowest rates available to you. That's got to put a smile on your face.

The pick of the crop

Savvy has access to finance options from more than 25 top Australian lenders, allowing us to offer you some of the best options and rates on the market.

Collateral is covered

Savvy can provide you with a range of great car loan options, none of which require any extra collateral – the car itself provides the security for the loan.

Loan what you need

Savvy can offer loans that provide up to 100% of the cost of the car, including stamp duty and rego – meaning you won't be left to cover the remainder yourself.

No age cap

With Savvy, the age of the Mitsubishi is no obstacle for getting car finance – out brokers have access to lenders that can help out with loans for older cars as well!

Avoid excessive fees

With fees from $100 for setup, and from $5 a month for setup, Savvy has access to very affordable loans. If fact, some of our lenders don't charge those fees at all.

Work to your own schedule

Savvy gives you the freedom to choose the length of your loan. So you can opt to have everything paid off in 12 months, or take your time over up to 7 years.

Settle up early

If paying off the loan early is an option you'd like to have available, Savvy has many lenders who offer no penalty for early loan repayments.

Can I get Mitsubishi finance through Savvy for a business?

Yes. Savvy has a number of great options available for commercial vehicle finance at highly competitive interest rates. Have a look at some of your options below.

Chattel mortgage

A chattel mortgage is one of the simplest options to buy a business vehicle. Just like a secured car loan, it uses the vehicle itself as security on the loan. You do maintain ownership of the car though.

Hire purchase

Hire purchase operates in many ways like a chattel mortgage, but in this case the lender retains ownership of the vehicle – you're actually leasing it off them until you've repaid the loan, at which point the ownership transfers to you. Although both allow you to use the vehicle during the term of the loan, they have quite different tax benefits.

Commercial car lease

A commercial car lease doesn't actually involve buying the car – You're actually renting the vehicle from the lender. As such, it's suited more for situations when there's less benefit in owning the car. It also makes it fairly easy to upgrade your vehicle once it's starting to get older

So why is Savvy the broker of choice for so many Aussies?

Before you apply for Mitsubishi finance

Frequently asked questions about Mitsubishi finance

If interest rates change nationally, will that affect the repayments on my car loan?

No. The car loans Savvy offers come with fixed interest. That means you're protected from fluctuations in interest rates – your repayments are locked in. This makes it a lot easier to budget.

Why should I go to a broker, rather than getting Mitsubishi finance from a dealer?

The dealer will only offer you the loan products they offer themselves. By contrast, a broker isn't tied to any specific lender or loan – we compare a wide range to come up with the best options on offer for your scenario. We also act as your advocate – negotiating expertly with lenders to get you the best deals possible. And we can help you through the process, answering any questions you have from our many years of experience in finance. There's a lot of advantages!

Can I still get Mitsubishi finance if I have bad credit?

Yes. If you're struggling with a poor credit rating, Savvy can connect you with lenders who specialise in bad credit customers. They can provide you with a bad credit car loan, a specialised type of car loan which allows for very low credit scores.

What type of car insurance do I need to take up when financing a Mitsubishi through Savvy?

With a car loan through Savvy, you'll need to have full comprehensive insurance on the car – this is the case with most car finance. It means that if you're involved in an accident, you never end up in the unfortunate situation of having a sizable car loan debt and no car to show for it. However, in most cases you have the flexibility to choose whichever insurer you prefer.

Do I need to pay a deposit with a car loan through Savvy?

No. We can arrange a loan which provides finance for the full value of the car – so you don't need to contribute any of your own funds towards the loan. This can also cover optional extras on the car, and things like insurance and extended warranties.

Is there a way to check my credit rating before I apply for finance?

Yes. You can apply to one of Australia's major credit agencies for a credit report, the most significant ones being Experian, illion, and Equifax. You're actually entitled to four free credit reports a year – so as long as you're not applying more than once every three months, it should be free of charge.