Car Loan Options For BMW

If you're looking to buy a BMW, Savvy can provide you with a range of great finance options. Factory showroom or private garage, we've got you covered!

No obligation. It won't affect your credit score.
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, updated on July 11th, 2023       

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Low rate car loan options for your BMW

Looking to buy a BMW? Hoping to get a E46 M3 CSL in good condition, or a state-of-the-art, current generation M2? Talk to Savvy! Our team are car finance experts with years of experience, and can provide you with a range of excellent loan options for a BMW. Whether you're looking for a new car from an authorised dealer, or a second-hand vehicle from a private seller, we can provide the finance to get you on the road in the BMW you choose.

Contact us today for a quote on BMW finance. Our quotes are free of charge, no obligation, tailored to your circumstances, and can provide you with great loan options from a wide range of lenders.

Car Loans for BMW

Features of getting a loan for BMW through Savvy

Repay on your terms

With a loan through one of Savvy's range of lenders, you get to choose how quickly you want to pay the loan off – between one and seven years.

Low interest rates

With over 40 reputable lenders counted among our panel of partners, we give our customers more opportunity to lock in an affordable rate.

Get the funds you need

A loan through Savvy can provide the full funds you need to purchase a BMW – up to the full purchase price of the car. No deposit is necessary!

Buy new, or own a classic

A loan through Savvy lenders can be for any age of car, so you can buy new off the showroom floor, or a once-in-a-lifetime classic model right from the original owner.

Fees to suit your budget

The lenders Savvy works with have generally pay around $100 – $600 at loan setup, and $5 – $20 as an ongoing monthly admin fee. We also have options that charge zero fees.

Pay early, pay less

Many of our lenders offer the option of early repayments without any penalty or fee. So if you'd like the opportunity of paying more when finances are good, talk to us!

You set the schedule

A loan secured through Savvy has flexibility around when you make repayments – you can set your payments to be weekly, monthly, or fortnightly to match your pay cycle.

Include all the extras

BMW finance through a Savvy lender doesn't just have to be for the car alone – optional vehicle extras, stamp duty, registration, and insurance can all be included.

What makes Savvy such a great option for BMW finance?

How to apply for BMW finance through Savvy

Frequently asked questions about BMW finance

Is there a reason not to get finance from the BMW dealer themselves?

It's pretty standard for a BMW dealership to offer in-house finance when you're buying a car from them. The catch is that a vendor will only offer their own loan products – which might not be the most competitive.

By contrast, Savvy can compare car loans from a wide range of lenders and find the best choices on offer. And of course, there's nothing to stop you comparing your options and then choosing BMW vendor finance if it turns out that they're offering the best deal.

Will the age of the car affect my interest rate?

It can. An older car can mean you have less lender options and moderately higher interest on your loan. This is particularly worth bearing in mind when getting a car loan for a second-hand BMW – which can be exceptionally long lived as cars go (German engineering has a reputation for reliability). This is one of the trade-offs of buying an older car.

Will the car loan payments for my BMW change if interest rates go up?

No. Car loans through Savvy's suite of lenders have fixed rate interest. That means your loan won't be affected by national interest rate changes.

If I'm not a permanent resident of Australia yet, am I still able to get a car loan for a BMW through Savvy?

If you're not a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, it's still possible that you're eligible to get a car loan provided you're on an eligible visa. Have a chat to your broker if you want details of which visas are and aren't eligible.

Does it make a difference if I buy from a dealer or a private seller?

It makes no different in terms of getting finance. But it's worth knowing that when it comes to second hand vehicles, dealers have a lot more checks and balances surrounding them – so you have more safeguards. When buying privately – especially something as significant in value as a BMW – it's worth making sure you have the car inspected and checked thoroughly.

Is it better to choose a short loan term, or a long one?

It depends on your priorities. A short loan term will mean you're paying a lot more on each payment (to pay it off in time), but the overall cost of the car loan for your BMW will be lower, as the debt has less time to accrue interest. Accordingly, a long loan term will be more expensive overall, but with lower repayments.