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Here’s how you can find a better, more cost-effective $5,000 car loan and save money. Apply quickly and easily online when you turn to Savvy.

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Search and compare low rate car loan options with Savvy

When it comes to seeking out financing for your next car, no amount is too small. Whether you’re buying an older, second-hand car or just need a bit of extra help supplementing your savings, you can find an array of top deals right here with Savvy.

We're partnered with a diverse panel of lenders designed to give you the best range of car loan products to choose from, with our expert consultants helping you compare the top offers suited to your needs. Start your application today with a quick quote and get approved for a $5,000 loan before you know it.

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Features of a Savvy $5,000 car loan

Cost-effective finance

With a $5,000 car loan, you can lock in a competitive fixed interest rate from one of our trusted lending partners to help you save money on your car loan across your term.

Affordable fees

Car loans from our lending partners come with ongoing and establishment fees that can be highly affordable, if not waived altogether in some instances.

Acceptable income types

Whether you’re a pensioner, retired, a student, on a lower income or a first-time borrower, our Savvy consultants can tailor a $5,000 car loan for you.

Flexible repayment options

With a car loan through Savvy, you have the choice of weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments, with many lenders allowing early repayments to save you money overall.

100% vehicle finance or deposit

You can choose to use a deposit and reduce your car loan costs, or borrow the entire cost of your new vehicle and repay according to your budget.

Bad credit options available

Even if you’ve struggled with credit in the past, we can help you find a loan and lender that fits your requirements for $5,000.

Why do so many people apply for car loans via Savvy?

What documents will I need to qualify for a $5,000 car loan?

Got more $5,000 car loan questions? Here are the faqs

If I’m not ready to buy, can I get pre-approval first?

Yes – if you need some time to shop around for a new car, it’s a great idea to get your vehicle finance sorted first and get pre-approved for a car loan. That’s when the lender agrees to clear you for a set amount of borrowing – typically for a period between a month or ninety days, depending on the loan provider. This can give you a stronger hand when negotiating the price of your vehicle.

What affects my car loan interest rate?

Several different things can affect the specific car loan interest rate you pay. One of the most critical factors is your borrower profile, which is partly about your work history and how well you’ve handled lending in the past. Loan providers check your credit score to scan for historical lender issues, and the longer you’ve been in your current job, the better.

Whether you own a home can also be a factor, and even the age of the car you buy makes a difference – with older vehicles attracting higher interest rates.

How long does it take to get a $5,000 car loan?

From your initial application to settlement and the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to you, you can expect the process to take as few as 48 hours.

Fortunately, our smart technology and diligent consultants enable us to assess car loan applications quickly. 

Can I buy my first car with $5,000 vehicle finance?

Yes – younger drivers will likely pay slightly more for a car loan due to a lack of credit history. If you have a willing family member, you could consider a guarantor car loan and reduce your first car loan costs by benefitting from their healthy borrowing history.

How old can my car be?

Lenders have various age limits for cars they’re prepared to finance – primarily because they use the car as security for your borrowing. However, Savvy partners with car loan providers that will consider vehicles up to 25 years old at the end of your loan.

If you’re looking at an older vehicle, you could consider applying for a personal loan, which doesn’t require security.

Can I be approved for a $5,000 car loan as a single parent?

Yes – if you earn enough to support your loan’s payments, you can qualify for a car loan as a single mother or father.

Which Centrelink benefits aren’t accepted?

Benefits which are tied to your age, job or study status generally aren’t accepted as income for car loans. As such, Youth Allowance, Austudy and ABSTUDY aren’t applicable, while you can’t use JobSeeker unless it serves as supplementary to a Family Tax Benefit.

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