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Car loans Melbourne

Looking for car finance, Melbourne based?

Whether you need a car for work or you’re looking to drive for pleasure or leisure, checking out all of your options for finance can save you a lot of cash. Australia has some great car loan lenders to serve Victorians, offering many different types of financial products. Choosing the right one can be the key to making your purchase a successful one – and that’s where Savvy comes in.

How Savvy can help you find the best car loan

Finding car finance in Melbourne doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. Savvy helps thousands of Australians qualify for the car loan they want every year. Established relationships with some of the country’s best finance providers mean we can advise on the best car loans for your specific circumstances. A great deal on car finance starts when you get Savvy!

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Why choose Savvy?

Got questions about car finance in Melbourne?

Can I use a deposit with a secured car loan?
You can choose to use a deposit in the form of cash or a trade-in, or even opt to borrow the full amount of your new car. Using a deposit, trade-in or balloon payment will lower your regular repayments, but the choice is yours.
How long does a car loan application take?
Online applications are a fast and efficient way to arrange car finance. Once your loan gets approved and vehicle checks have been made, lenders transfer funds directly to car dealers.
Can I buy a used car with a car loan from Savvy?
At Savvy, we partner with lenders who’ll consider cars that will be up to 25-years old by the end of your loan agreement.
How do I know my repayments won't increase over the course of my car loan?
Repayments are guaranteed to stay fixed for the full term. That means, whether your car loan runs for twelve months or you borrow over seven years, your repayment amounts won’t change from month to month.
Can I get a car loan in Melbourne if I receive Centrelink payments?
The good news is that yes, you can access car finance if you receive Centrelink payments. Not all lenders will consider applications in such circumstances, but Savvy partners with specialist lenders who’ll look at your case on merit, and your credit score will also get used to determine whether you qualify.
Can I get a Melbourne car Loan if I get disability benefits?
When you receive disability benefit, you’ll need to find a lender who counts that as regular income – and many of them do. As with all loans, the credit provider will also assess your application based on your borrowing history, but you have an excellent chance of getting on the road. Brokers like Savvy can be a great place to start looking for a car loan in Melbourne on disability benefits, or if your income isn’t from work.
Isn't it just quicker and cheaper to get my car finance from the dealership while I'm there?

Not exactly. Car dealership finance often gets dressed up to look reasonable, but it isn’t always the case when you dig a little deeper. Dealers don’t specialise in lending like Savvy does – and their products often come from a single source, so your choices will be limited. Car finance through a broker is more time often than not cheaper.

Helpful guides on car loans Melbourne

No deposit car loans in Melbourne

If you don’t want to use a substantial down-payment, Savvy can help you discover how to keep repayment amounts down, even when you don’t opt to use a deposit. With a car loan, you’re free to borrow the complete cost of your new vehicle. No deposit car loans are simple to arrange and run for anything between just one and seven years. That makes it easy to find an option to suit both your circumstances and vehicle choice.

Car loans for first-time borrowers

Having little or no credit history needn’t prevent you from getting access to affordable car finance in Melbourne. While many lenders and banks are reluctant to offer car finance to inexperienced borrowers, Savvy has partnered with over 25 reputed and specialist car finance lenders and we can cater for all needs. It could be that a guarantor car loan would suit you, for instance.

Bad credit car loans in Melbourne

Many Australians experience some type of trouble at some point during their borrowing history. The good news is, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a whole bunch of bad credit car loan options out there. Savvy has developed some excellent relationships over the years – with a broad selection of specialist car loan providers. We have a multitude of different car loan products that suit thousands of Aussie vehicle buyers, so we’re a great place to start looking!

Car loans in Melbourne for business

Sometimes, the way you use your vehicle influences how best you can save on car finance in Melbourne. While a car loan might work best for many borrowers, if you’re in business, you might have more effective options. Tax savings can add up over the course of car finance agreements, and have be extremely beneficial when buying your new vehicle. Savvy partners deal with many commercial lenders who offer chattel mortage and other commercial loan options.