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The features and benefits of business investment loans

Competitive interest rates

By comparing a multitude of offers, you can take advantage of fierce competition in the market and lock in a low business loan interest rate in Australia for your business.

Borrow from $5,000 to $500,000

Business loans are designed to be versatile for needs big or small, so you can enjoy a vast borrowing range when considering different loans and choosing one which fits your requirements.

Repay over three months to five years

You can also choose a repayment term over which your business can most comfortably cover its repayments, with both short turnarounds and longer periods available.

No security required

There’s no requirement for any form of security to be attached to the loan, making unsecured business loans a more viable option for small business operators without major assets.

Use the funds however you like

Perhaps the most appealing feature of business loans is that they can be used to invest in any area of your business you wish, from boosting cash flow to paying for inventory and everything else.

Diverse loan types available

You’re not just limited to standard business loans, either, with business lines of credit offering a flexible alternative that enables you to draw funds whenever you need them.

Types of business loan

Why compare business loans through Savvy?

How to reduce the spend on commercial investment loans

Common business investment loan queries

What are the tax benefits for business loans?

The primary tax benefit for businesses when repaying their loans is that interest can be claimed as a tax deduction. If you’re able to do this as an operator, you can potentially save your business thousands of dollars each year which would’ve otherwise been spent on loan interest. Make sure you keep a thorough record of your repayments if you intend to claim your interest at the end of the financial year.

How can my business qualify for financing?

There are several key criteria which lenders will enforce on their loans as minimum qualification requirements for businesses and business operators. These include the following:

  • You must have been in operation and trading for at least six months before your application (some raise this to 12 months)
  • You must be generating a minimum of $5,000 in monthly turnover (although this varies more widely between lenders)
  • You mustn’t have a history of defaults or bankruptcy and show a largely positive credit history
Are startup business operations able to access loans in Australia?

Yes – while most business lenders will require them to have been in operation for at least six months, there are specialist lenders who can offer startup business loans in Australia. These are generally much smaller in size (capped at around $30,000 in many cases) and come with higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk.

How long does it take to get approved for a business loan?

Business loans can be turned around rapidly from the point of application, with approvals able to be offered within the hour and full processing and funding possible in as few as three. This makes them a highly useful option if your business finds itself in more urgent need of funds and requires a fast turnaround.

Will I need to make a deposit towards my commercial investment loan?

No – as business loans can be taken out without any attached collateral, you can borrow as much as your business is capable of comfortably supporting on a regular basis. This means that no deposit is required, although, as mentioned earlier, there are clear benefits to offering some of your business’ funds towards any expensive purchases or debts.

Can I buy commercial property with business financing?

Technically, yes – however, you’re likely to find that commercial property finance is the better option to go with. This is because they’re available for larger amounts than unsecured loans, many of which won’t offer the sum you need, and offer far longer repayment terms of up to 30 years (although ten- to 15-year terms are more common). Most businesses wouldn’t be capable of covering the cost of a commercial property purchase within three to five years, so you’re probably better off looking at alternative options.

Am I able to use my loan to invest in another business?

Yes – because business loans can be used for any business expenses, this also extends to investing in another business (or purchasing it outright). However, when it comes to purchasing or investing in another business, the process becomes more complicated and documentation requirements are expanded. Because of this, you may wish to seek out the help of a business loan broker, who can act as the intermediary between you and the lender and more accurately ensure you have all the right documents to complete the purchase with funding.

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