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4 ways to sell property like a pro

The buying and selling of a house all boil down to one main component; strategy. Whether you are a seller or a buyer you need to come prepared to carry through this important transaction to walk away with the best deal. Before you close on a deal on as a seller there are a few handy tips that you need to know to make the transaction successful.

Make upgrading your car worth a while with these 5 tips

Upgrading a car can be both a fun and challenging time for anyone. Perhaps it has been long overdue as you look at your car that is literally holding on for dear life, or you finally have the finances to upgrade to something that is not a fuel guzzler, looks good and feels good under your hands. Before you hit the dealers looking for a car here are five tips that will make you and your pocket smile.

Things to know about buying property in a high cost region

The end goal of any property investment is to see the property eventually being able to sustain itself and generate an income for you as the investor. A properties value plays a critical part in you make a return on your investment. However, if you have not taken the time to get the right financing you will be hard pressed for when dwelling values fall and you are forced to sell at a lower price.

How pre-approved home loans can work for you

Getting your foot on the property ladder with a house that ticks all your boxes can be a difficult task. However, what if you find the house you have been looking for, but you now have to watch it slip through your hands because you don’t have your financing or a pre-approval to convince the seller to take your offer? Pre-approvals are created to help you stand a chance of snapping up your dream home and here is how it can help you to do that.

77% of Australian kids save money

A kid’s understanding of money varies from child to child. However, teaching your child to be financially savvy can set them on the right path for life. Impulse buying for your child with your credit card because they say they want something or another child has that item and therefore they would like it too should be dealt cautiously while they are still young. This could cause you to misuse your funds and further throw them into misunderstanding the value of money and budgeting.


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