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6 things you should know about your credit card before travelling abroad

Travelling aboard either for business, or pure pleasure should be an enjoyable experience. In this case, money does make the world go ‘round when it comes travel. Making sure that your credit card is up to scratch before you leave will make your world go ‘round. We have gathered six things that you need to know in terms of your credit card before you go.

4 tips on investing in Australia’s hidden gems in property

If you have been following the Australian property market boom in 2016, right down to its cooling period as an investor you might have one question in mind. How were other investors able to see the forthcoming boom, and able to cash into place like Sydney which had house prices that sat at the value of $1,123,991. It’s all about following the hidden gems placed around statistics, and keeping an eagle eye out for the trends in the property market. We have put together four tips on how to find these hidden gems to help you spot the next property boom that you can invest in.

3 must have’s technologies for the first-time caravan camper

Caravanning is one of Australia’s well known pass times, as it opens roads to explore Australia in all its natural beauty. A total of 11.8 million caravanning and camping trips were undertaken by Australians, with people aged 30 – 54 making up the majority. If you are a first-time caravan camper who is not yet open to the idea of totally letting go of technology, we have a few gadgets that can make caravanning more convenient.

Does life insurance cover suicide?

Life insurance is a product that assist you in difficult times. When it comes to dealing with suicide it is no different. It assists you to cancel out one less worry when dealing with the unexpected death of a loved one through suicide. Yes, most insurance companies cover you in the event of a loved one taking their life. However, knowing your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will give you greater insight as to what can be covered, and what doesn’t get covered. Here are a few basic things you need to know.

Could you be over-insured?

You might have come across the term “being under insured” when it comes to Life Insurance. However, it could be possible that you could be over insured. This does not only take a toll on your finances, but the lack of financial planning could lead to much needed money being lost, instead of it being used elsewhere.  We have put together three tips to avoid being over insured.

3 reasons why entrepreneurs need income protection

Entrepreneurs work, dream and play hard. The constant buzz of keeping your business going in order to reach places you want it to reach is enthralling. However, being an entrepreneur or a small business owner is synonymous with risk taking. Income protection is a safety net for when you take your famous leaps of faith that doesn’t quite make you reach the other side of your goal. It is there to support you and your family. We got three reasons why every entrepreneur needs income protection:


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