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57% of Australians are unaware of hidden fees that comes with card

A balance transfer card is not a one stop magic wand to clear all your financial woes, but it can be used to ease the financial burden that most Australians find themselves in. Most Australians use it to consolidate debt, save money on interest, or pay off debt faster. The shocking news is that Society One released a survey showing that when taking out a balance transfer more than 57% of people are unaware of it’s hidden fees. Here is why you need to know the hidden fees that come with a card.

3 things to consider when looking for a family home

A recent collaboration between Aussie and Corelogic that released data showing the ‘Most popular suburbs for families’, can save you from the mental stress of scrambling to find a home that is suitable for your growing family. The data shows that a family home is usually to be found near a CBD at an average of 30km. Families tend to look for housing that is affordable and convenient. Here are three things you can consider when looking for a family home.

5 ways your surroundings can impact the value of your property

Investing your hard-earned money into a property is no joke. That is why you need to pay your dues by doing adequate research into the various Australian property markets to get the best deal for your money. Booming construction or lack of it can play a role in the value of your property. Here are five ways following the construction trajectory trend can help you invest in a property that will appreciate.

The role of clearance rates on the selling of your house

Auctions are one of the popular platforms in which Australians love to sell their houses on. However, there is a lot that goes into preparing for an auction. If you are looking to sell your house at an auction you would have come across the term ‘clearance rate.’ Understanding how the clearance rate will affect the selling your house can have an advantage when it comes to investing and selling your house.

Finding a neighbourhood that will have your desired home

There are many things you could consider when looking for a home. The first thing could be finding the right home loan that matches your budget by comparing it. You might also have a number of features that you want it to come with, like accommodating a growing family and having easy access to transport. However, have you considered the type of neighbourhood you would like to find your desired home in? Here are five things you need to consider when choosing a new neighbourhood.

Finding the right credit card to foot the school bill

The start of the school year can be a stressful period as you equip your children with the right tools for the children. With the use of technology on the increase in the class rooms parents could expect to fork out an average of $269. Finding the right credit card to foot the bill can make your back to school shopping easier. Here are four ways a credit card can help you with the school bill.

How to know the value of your car?

If you are considering selling your car or finding out whether you are paying adequate cover on your beloved four wheels, the first place you can start is knowing the value of your car. Your car depreciates in value every year, and you might find that you are over-insured or underinsured. It’s good to check the value of your car every year so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when it’s time to claim. Here are six ways you can check where the value of your car currently sits.


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