What you need to know when buying frequent flyer points

Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 14:22

Being part of a rewards program makes it easier to gain points that can be used towards paying off flights with your favourite frequent flyer program. Have you ever wondered if it was possible to gain points without necessarily having to board a plane? Perhaps you need a boost to get a reduced amount on a flight that you have been planning all year? Here is what you need to know.

Know which frequent flyer programs sell points

Why wait to catch your next flight to build your frequent flyer points when you can buy them? This has given many frequent flyer cardholders the flexibility to earn points more conveniently. However, knowing which programs allow you to do this can make the process less complex.

Qantas, Velocity, Asia Miles and KrisFlyer currently do not have an option where you can earn directly through their programs, but there are international programs that allow you to purchase points which can be transferred to a local frequent flyer program that you belong to.

For example, if you belong to KrisFlyer, Velocity, or Asia Miles it is possible to buy your points through Starwood Preferred Guest or American Express Membership Rewards. If you are Qantas member you can do this through Membership Rewards as a Platinum Charge cardholder.

Time your purchase

Knowing when to time your purchase is essential to make the most of your points. You will usually get more value for your money when you buy points that are on promotion. The benefit of buying your points when they are on promotion is that you can bag 30% more points for the same price which can work in your favour. It is also possible to get a discount on the price for points, making you get the best of both worlds. Remember to always compare your options to see if you are getting the best value for money.

See what is on offer in terms of sign up benefits

Many frequent flyers programs have sign up benefits such as gaining bonus points or getting a discount that can work in your favour when looking for something to help discount your next trip. It pays to know which program has the best sign up benefits and how long these promotions are running for. This researching and comparing will become your best friend. Keep in mind to check the terms that come with such sign up promotions as some only last for a certain period of time or have expiration dates on the points.

Plan around your trips

Travelling overseas anytime soon? Planning your trips around being able to buy points from international frequent flyers programs when they are on promotion can be a big win. Be careful of being caught in the fallacy that this can work for long term travelling plans as frequent flyer programs are known for switching up the terms to their programs which can throw any plans out of the window. Being able to redeem your points to use them as soon as possible can work in your favour in the long run.

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