Here is what you need to know when transferring points

Posted on Monday, August 13, 2018 - 16:26

If you are a person who often uses their frequent flyer points, knowing if you can transfer your points can be a gamechanger. It is possible to transfer your frequent flyer points from one programme to another. However, there are some programmes that do not allow you to do this. Here is a guide that will help you know what you can do to transfer your points and maximise your frequent flyer benefits.

1. You can transfer between select airlines

Frequent flyer programs have made it possible to transfer your points with select airlines that they have partnered with or formed an alliance with. You can also earn and redeem your points from these select airlines they have partnered up with. However, not all frequent flyer programmes will allow you to transfer your points. Therefore, you will have to check the fine print of your frequent flyer card to know if you can transfer your points.

2. You can’t transfer points between different programs

You could be wondering if you can transfer your points from your frequent flyer card to something like your Woolworths reward card. This also means that you cannot transfer your points to programs that your card is not affiliated with and sometimes partnered airline schemes. To find out about the point transfer you will have to check your cards program guide.

3. Transferring points to family members

It is possible for you to transfer your points to other family members before it expires. You can also family pool your points for convince. This basically means you can combine your family’s points under one account and they will be able to access it from there. Once again, you can transfer points to another frequent flyer that is under the same program.

4. Exchange rates

When transferring your frequent flyer points it will come with an exchange rate. There is usually a limitation on how many points you can transfer with certain cards. For example, Qantas limits you to transferring 2000 points. Furthermore, exchange rates for such transfers are rarely 1:1. Therefore, you will have to weigh whether it will be worth it to transfer your points to another program.

If you are looking for a frequent flyer program that can help you transfer points from one program to another, your options can be limited as there are few frequent flyer schemes that allow you to do this. However, this feature can come in handy when you need to travel. Always keep in mind to compare your card to see if it still offering you the value for your money and the flexibility to make travelling more convenient.

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