Top 5 best fuel efficient motorbikes in Australia

Posted on Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 13:00

For many people, the most important characteristic they look for in motorbikes (and in any vehicle, really) is low fuel consumption, otherwise known as fuel efficiency. Motorbikes are already more fuel efficient than cars, which means that it not only saves you some cash, both on the spot and in the long-run, but it also helps you be environmentally conscious. If fuel efficiency is a criterion that is important to you in the selection of motorbikes, then here are the top 5 best fuel efficient motorbikes. 

Kawasaki Ninja 300

This motorbike may look familiar and if it does, it’s because it is a version of Kawasaki’s Ninja street racer. This incarnation is LAMS approved; it is smaller in size, and only runs on 1 litre per 17 kilometres, while still retaining the cool look of a motorbike worthy of a race. This motorbike has proved to be very popular with people who later made the transition to a 600cc model. The good news is that if you plan on doing the same, the resale value remains very good.

Honda Grom 125

Without a doubt, the most efficient motorbike, when it comes to fuel consumption, is the newest model of the Honda Grom 125. This is an exciting launch, with a fuel consumption of 44 kilometres per litre. That is good for anyone, especially people who are looking to save some money. The Grom 125 is LAMS approved in Australia, it is easy to manoeuvre in the city, it is lightweight, and it presents a 125 cc engine, which has made it a best seller.

Yamaha Star Bolt

The Yamaha Star Bolt is another motorbike that will end up saving you money, with an exceptionally fuel efficient 942cc V-Twin engine that sits at 22 kilometres per litre. It’s strong, fast, it looks cool and it consumes little. What more can one want? It’s similar in style with a Harley cruiser, but at a smaller price and more efficient consumption. At those rates, it is one of the best motorbikes available.

Honda CB500X

Another motorbike that is excellent for transition purposes, especially if you previously owned a LAMS 125, is the Honda CB500X, a street bike. This one is easy to steer, comfortable to drive, cheap, slim, light and very modern. It certainly doesn’t lose points on appearance, but that’s not the greatest thing about it. The fuel efficiency of the Honda CB500X is incredible, sitting at 34 kilometres per litre, which is the second most efficient on this list.

Yamaha SR400

Sitting at an impressive 28 kilometres per litre, the Yamaha SR400 is fairly efficient, when it comes to fuel consumption. It’s not in first place, but it’s still decent and a good purchase. In addition, its style harks back to 1970s models, making this quite a retro bike, if that is what you are interested in. But despite its “oldie” appearance, its mechanics are entirely modern, with excellent quality tyres, suspension bits and brakes.

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