Posted on Mar 02, 2018

With the recent reports of 4 million cars in Australia being recalled to replace potentially deadly Takata airbags and Ford Ranger Ute drivers being advised not to drive in areas with long grass due to 24 vehicles catching fire it begs the question of how safe is your car?

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Posted on Dec 27, 2017
People looking to make some quick cash at your expense through credit card fraud is on the rise. According to the Australian Federal Police $900 million dollars is lost by...
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Posted on Dec 15, 2017
One moment you were sharing magical stories sprinkled with fairy dust, and now they are grown up literally taking the wheel to their own life. If your teen is learning how to...
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Posted on Nov 28, 2017
Your car is the most important purchase that you could ever make, and the last thing you might have on your mind is becoming another statistic. The Australian New Car Assessment...
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Posted on May 25, 2017
Some argue today’s world is less safe than 20 – even 10 – years ago. This may or may not be true, but we do have to keep more things in mind. Cyberattacks were not unheard of 20...
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Posted on Nov 14, 2016
As parents, we have three things in mind during our children’s younger years – safety, safety, and safety. As drivers, we place the same principle on a pedestal.
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Posted on Jul 14, 2016
As you get older, it’s becoming more and more difficult to move from place to place if you do not have a vehicle. However, just like we know that it is generally old people who...
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