Some of the best ways to use 80,000 Qantas points

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 15:39

The best way to make the most of your points is knowing how to use them, especially when you are sitting on 80,000 big ones you will want to use these wisely. This guide will help you know ways in which to maximise your points by looking beyond seat upgrades and reward store specials to booking a premium flight.

Using your points for a domestic flight

It is understandable that not many Australians will be jetting in and out of the country on a constant basis. This may tempt you to use your points if you frequently travel within Australia. A decent use of your Qantas points balance to book a one-way ticket using Qantas Business class to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane could cost you 36,000 points. It is possible to also get shorter one-way flights that will require 16,000 or less. Check to see which flight will be able to help you maximise your points as this can be subject to change.

Save your points for an international flight

However, a domestic flight can take a large chunk of your points which is why people hardly use their points to redeem it for a domestic flight. You can opt to save your points for a one-way Premium Economy and Business Class international flight redemption. For example, you can book a one-way Qantas Premium Economy or Business Class from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to Hong Kong, Singapore, or Manila for 45,000 Qantas points. If you want the finer end of the plane you can book the same route for 60,000 points.

What about using your points with partnered airlines?

Reward programs have evolved to allow you to use your points in various ways with partnered airlines. This feature can be handy when you are family pooling points or need to use them to fly with partnered airlines that have specials running. One of the partnerships that Qantas has is with Fiji Airways and Emirates airline which makes it convenient to redeem your points with Emirate airlines more conveniently. Thankfully, you don’t have to stress about point transfer rates as it will cost you the same amount of points to book a flight with Emirates as it would when booking for Qantas.

You can also consider using Jetstar if you are looking for ways on saving points when taking an international flight. Qantas offers a 20% discount on points when you choose to use points to book a flight. It is vital that you keep in mind that this can be maximised when using your points to book Premium Economy, First class, or business class.

Keep the tax co-payment in mind

Before you use your points to book a flight, keep an eye out for the tax co-payment. Whenever you use points to book a flight this will be subject to taxes, fees, and carrier charges. This will depend on which class you are booking and how many points you will be using. Therefore, checking with the reward program before you book can help you to avoid any shockers. Always remember that you may not be guaranteed a spot as seats are subject to availability.

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