4 perks on having a low interest rate credit card

Posted on Friday, February 9, 2018 - 20:05

When looking for a new credit card the most offered advise is to look for a card that has a low interest rate. Besides the low repayments that come with it, and its ability to help you save a few dollars here and there what other benefits does it have to better your life? Here are four perks that a low interest rate credit card can add to your life.

You can save in a big way

One of the biggest drawcards with a low interest rate card is that you can save on the interest payments that come with it. If you carry a balance from your credit card every month and you are looking for a cheaper way to save on costs, then it is the way to go.

Some credit cards have an interest rate that goes as high as 20% while a low interest credit card can be lower with a 10% interest rate cutting your monthly payments in half. You can also opt for cards that have a 0% interest rate, but you should enjoy this 0% bargain for the set period which is usually between 6 and 15 months before the prices on it increase.

Pay off your current debt

If you have accumulated debt on your credit card and are looking for ways to reduce the costs, then a balance transfer credit card will be the next best thing. It comes with a low interest rate, or you can opt for the 0% interest rate an all balance transfers for an introductory period.

A tip when using this kind of credit is to make sure that you meet all the monthly repayments while the rate is still low to save you on a couple of hundreds when they decide to increase the rate. It will also mean that you will be able to pay off both loans sooner.

It’s also best to be aware that this is a temporary fix before your lender decides to increase the interest rate which can be in the range of 20%. If you want a card that will consistently stay at a low interest rate, then you should shop and compare for low interest credit cards which are more long term.

The perks are worth it

If you are looking for a card that will aid you in terms of spending less and saving more then a low interest or 0% interest card will be a major drawcard for you. With the drawback feature of having no rewards that come with the card, you will be able to avoid spending money that you could need just for the sake of earning points. A bonus with this is that if you have a lower credit limit and interest rate on your purchases this will give you enough space to meet your balance requirements without falling into the debt trap.

You can bag the best deal by simply comparing

Online credit providers are becoming a popular option with its informative tools that can help you find a low rate credit card by filling in a few details. To walk away with the best deal in the bag will mean you having to compare, but with friendly advisors on standby and tools at the touch of your fingertips you can eliminate unnecessary footwork scouting for the best deal. Try to be vigilant when accessing online credit providers by making sure that they are a registered provider in your state. Never sign anything until you have understood the terms and conditions that come with it.

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