How to earn points when dining out?

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 14:12

Looking for ways to build up points without going bust while doing it? You will be surprised to find that there are points that can be gained in everyday things that you already do such as eating out. Reward cards allow you to gain points whether you choose to eat in or out, and here is how you can best maximise your card to work for you.

Eat at an affiliated restaurant

Quantas and Virgin Australia have made it easier for reward card owners to gain points by partnering up with various restaurants. You can choose to physical eat out at an affiliated restaurant or order online which will still help you gain points. The catch is that not all venue are covered. If you are wondering how many points you can earn by eating at a Quantas restaurant, depending on your card, you can gain 100 points per diner or 200 points if your status is a platinum one. Remember to check your reward program restaurant portal to know which one is applicable to you.

Gain points by eating with Rockpool Dinning Group

Quantas has affiliated themselves with various brands too which means that you can make the most of their partnership by going to these places to get rewards. For example, you can gain points with Qantas relationship with Rockpool Dining group, by dining at their Bar &Grill, Spice Temple, Burger project and other stores under the brand. If you plan to eat out at fast-casual restaurants, you could be rewarded with 1 point for each $1 spent. Checking for promotions on that are offered by your reward program can also help you score some good deals.

Get a free bottle of wine

Some reward cards come with a ‘lil’ something to reward you for spending on your card. Cards such as Citi credit cards offer their members a free bottle of wine for every time they dine with restaurants and diners affiliated with Citibank. You can use your card to book online with your card and score yourself a free bottle of wine to go down with your meal. The catch is that you are limited to one bottle of wine and you must use your card to pay for the whole table.

Book online while overseas

Travelling abroad means that there will be much eating to be done, especially if you are planning on travelling from one place to another in a short space of time. Next time you go abroad consider using your reward card to gain frequent flyer points. Platforms such as Americal Airline AAdvantage dining scheme allows your next meal at 11,000 restaurants within the USA. You will be able to earn 1,500 points when you spend $25 on your first affiliated restaurant visit. Some cards still allow you to earn points even if you book online.

It pays to check the terms of your reward program to make an eligible purchase and make full use of your reward card. Various reward programs have the information online for you to have access so that you can plan your next dinning out session properly.

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