A frequent flyer comparison checklist

Posted on Monday, March 26, 2018 - 14:56

If you are a frequent traveller looking for ways to save on your travel expenses tab, then frequent flyer points are your go to. To make the most of your frequent flyer you need to compare deals across credit card providers, but how do you compare? Our comparison checklist will have you two stepping down the airport aisle with a great credit card that offers you the best deal in frequent flyer rewards.

Compare, compare, compare

When shopping for a new credit card that will do the most for the type of swiper you are, not any credit card should do. By comparing credit cards online and looking at the features you can pick a card that is right for you. It will also work in your favour to research the terms and conditions of how you can unlock these points that are being promised to you before you get disappointed. You might find that the only way to unlock points on specific credit cards is if you spend a particular amount or swipe on specific products.

Are the features flexible?

The next thing that you would want to check is if the features of your frequent flyer rewards are flexible. Frequent flyer programmes are aligned with airlines to bring you the best deal possible. Checking your frequent flyer features can reveal to you whether there are stopover features, which allow you to stay in a connecting city for over 24 hours. This will differ from airline to airline and you will have to check that your frequent flyer points on your credit card align with the select airline.

Some airlines might penalise you with more expensive flights for using your points on a competitive airline. You can check if you will be able to transfer the points you have earned from your credit card to other reward programs around the world which can allow you to unlock cheaper redemption rates. Choosing a card based on the airline you use the most Getting a credit card that matches your spending habits and comes with an affordable interest rate is one part of the deal. Finding a credit card that will work with the airline that you frequently use will make the most of your frequent flyer points. It will make collecting your rewards easier, unlike collecting points on for an airline that you hardly use.

Make the most of big sign-up points

Credit card providers are always looking for new sign on’s and therefore offer competitive sign-up rewards with their credit cards. The catch is not to sign-up for a credit card purely for the points because this can land you in hot water. Sign-up rewards can be extremely helpful for the frequent flyer who is constantly on the move. Strategic signing up for cards that you need can help you gather up a generous amount of sign-up bonuses.

Get your credit cards in order

If you are on the constant hunt for credit cards that have huge bonuses on sign-up you will soon realise that you are stacking up on plastic that you do not need. With multiple credit cards in play, you can run a tab that has different payments that you will need to make.

Payments such as annual fees and mileage bonuses that can be unlocked if you spend can see you running amounts that will be hard to keep up with. It will work in your favour not to stack up on cards that you do not need. If there are credit cards that you don’t use it is best to close these off to avoid running into arrears which can leave a bad mark on your credit report.

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